Repurposed Mondays – Vintage Industrial

Sep 8, 2008 by

Happy Monday friends!  To start your week off with a dose of vintage industrial inspiration, let me introduce Jennifer Price, a photographer with a penchant for vintage repurposing – whose work I’ve enjoyed for several years.  Whether repurposing film reels into coffee tables, or infusing photography lights into chic vintage industrial lamps, Jennifer’s collections are whimsical and a great testament to the lure of vintage treasures!

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Don’t throw out any vintage appliance! Make it into a lamp!

Aug 26, 2008 by

Italian Lamponi’s Lamps takes up-cycled and re-purposed vintage goods to a whole…other…level.  Lamponi, an engineer / architect turned vintage artisan, takes household appliances and turns them into amazingly creative vintage industrial lamps!  From a hairdryer and espresso maker to Vespa and motorbike parts, Lamponi shows that  anything can be re-purposed into a functional lamps of art.  This makes me think twice about keeping that vintage hairdryer in my Etsy shop

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Crate&Barrel Turns Vintage Industrial

Aug 25, 2008 by

As the hand-made and independent designer powers grow stronger, it is interesting to see how the big box retailers respond.  It seems that Crate&Barrel is certainly watching the indie pulse closely, as they realize that people want a mixture of elements – old and new – in their interior design.  Lovely reader Sara of the inspirational living blog FromAtoZen sent me an interesting email pointing out Crate&Barrel’s “conversation pieces.”

For example, Crate&Barrel is jumping on the train of letterpress inspiration, made re-popular recently by independent artisans, with their “letterpress” inspired coffee table — which is a mass-manufactured rendition of what we have seen in the handmade scene.  They are also hitching a ride aboard vintage industrial revitalization with their new coffee table, which is an interesting “weave” of industrial materials.  I do like that they are calling these elements “conversation pieces,” which is a great description of the interesting vintage pieces we all have in our home :)

Erin of DesignForMankind recently wrote a very interesting guest post on Decor8 regarding imitation vs. inspiration.  Unfortunately, I think that big boxes, driven by the bottom line, will inevitably jump on any trend bandwagon that has proven successful – as this reduces their risk of investment cost, while increasing the likelihood of solid revenues.  What do you think of Crate&Barrel (and other retailers) in reflecting the trends seen in independent movements?  Does the entire existence of “trends” (think owls, Amy Butler, silhouettes) nullify individualized design?

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Vintage street signs re-purposed into stylish decor

Aug 21, 2008 by

Disclaimer:  I am not responsible if your neighborhood’s street signs start mysteriously disappearing…

My unrequited love for re-purposed decor is further fueled by Boris Bally’s work.  A talented artist who re-purposes vintage industrial elements, Boris creates interesting furniture pieces — my favorite of which come from traffic signs that were destined for the dump. Using hand-fabricated, brake formed, and riveted techniques, Boris melds artistry with expertise in crafting unique pieces of art — whether they are furniture pieces or a bathroom floor (see below).  Whereas an entire dining set may be overwhelming, infusing a few pieces adds whimsy and a dash of lovely color.

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Vintage Airstreams re-purposed into creative spaces

Aug 18, 2008 by

I’ve been eye-balling some fantastic vintage Airstreams on my local Craigslist recently….I want to turn one into my backyard studio / office for the ultimate vintage inspiration haven.  For about $5,000, you can pick one up and re-purpose them any way you like — making it a much more affordable alternative than adding onto your house.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some vintage Airstream beauties re-purposed into different spaces.  The possibilities are endless!

Theresa Gray of Flying Cloud Studio, a lovely artist (who draws, paints, and makes really intriguing art through “found” objects and oils) re-purposed her beautiful 1953 Airstream to become a studio and gallery.

Vintage Airstream - Flying Cloud Studio

Scottish blogger and garden-inspired artist Jane Lindsey of Snapdragon Garden re-purposed her vintage Airstream won on Ebay to be the perfect crafting space.  She painted the walls, put down new floors, adorned the Airstream with a cute day bed, and of course, moved in all her wonderful crafting supplies.  She also has lovely hand-crafted vintage goods, such as a lovely Airstream-inspired sketchbook hand-crafted and embroidered with vintage fabrics.  So delightful!

Whereas the lovely Hitch Couture is no longer consistently found in the artsy South Park neighborhood of my hometown, it is still a fantastic vintage Airstream that has been re-purposed into a fabulous traveling clothing boutique!

Architect Paul Welschmeyer converted is 1958 Airstream’s 98 square feet into both a mobile office and functional family resort.  Using the “trailering Tao” philosophy, everything was designed to have at least two uses.  I personally enjoy seeing non-authentic restorations, as there is a whimsical, eclectic beauty in mixing old and new.

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