The vintage industrial secret is out….

Oct 14, 2008 by

My lovely friend Suzanne, the Italian Girl in Georiga (who has marvelous photography in her Etsy shop), surprised me this weekend with snail mail!  There’s something quite nostalgic and magical about receiving a letter in the mail, don’t you think?

Inside her beautiful photography card was a useful article on vintage industrial lighting she clipped for me from Country Home.

For those curious about the fair pricing of vintage industrial lamps and cages, the article is a great guide — and who knows, you may even stumble upon a rare piece next time you are at an antique fair!

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Repurposed Metalwork Delights

Sep 30, 2008 by

The appeal of vintage industrial chic is timeless — and Randy from Kramer Design Studio really takes metalwork repurposing to a new level of style.  From upcycling weathered steel railings into fabulous headboards, and utilizing chain links (that weigh 15 pounds each!) to create the most unique tables, to giving clock faces new lives as coffee tables, Randy is a great source of metalwork inspiration!

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Upcycled Organization Ideas

Sep 22, 2008 by

Monday always prompts me to re-organize my desk to prepare for a fresh week.  This weekend, I picked up an obsolete slide holder — and thought it would be lovely for a stylish desktop organization tool for the shop.

I’m also always looking to maximize my wall real estate, and this DIY project from GreenUpgrader adds a hint of shine and vintage industrial style to your office.  It is made of upcycled metal cans, great for stashing away notes, paperclips, letters, and stamps– although I think it would be interesting to use old metal cans that still have the vintage labels!

For a more rustic feel, this desk organizer from Farmhouse Wares is made of recycled garden wood…and I love the fact that you can open and close it for instant de-cluttering.

How do you organize your desks and workspaces?  What creative ways do you de-clutter your desks?  I’d love to hear about your desktop inspirations!

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Stairway to the Weekend!

Sep 20, 2008 by

Remember how fun Japanese tansus are?  This staircase of fantastic visual delight takes all of it to a whole new level.  Created by “Because We Can,” a whimsically creative design studio in Oakland, this staircase is one I would want in my home — even if I don’t have a second story!  Imagine all of the display and vintage vignette possibilities!

Photo Credit: jillianisaphotographer

Happy weekend my friends!  I’ll be back again full force on Monday — hopefully after some lucky vintage treasure hunting this weekend :)

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Airplanes + Vintage Industrial = Voila!

Sep 17, 2008 by

Voila Gallery in Los Angeles is a vintage treasure trove of amazing curiosities…including fantastic vintage industrial furniture pieces repurposed from old airplane parts!  Leah visited Voila at SF20 last week and shared their fantastic booth pictures (first set).  I love the vintage spotlights and how they created wall lighting options in the plane panels.  The second set are some of my favorites from their website — I swear I will be more productive in that vintage industrial desk upcycled from a plane! I swear!!

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