Joining the (Vintage) Fan Club

Jul 20, 2009 by

Vintage Fan - Uppercase Feature

The Poetic Home “Fan Club” enjoyed its first print appearance in the marvelous 2nd issue of the inspirational UPPERCASE magazine (it’s not too late to sign up for a subscription!).  I had the tremendous pleasure of penning a vintage column on “keeping cool with a classic” and sharing a few of the fan characters that have come across my path.  In the spirit of summer, shall we take a jaunt down Poetic Home’s Fan Club lane?

1940 SuperLectric Vintage Fan

airplane vintage fan

zero vintage fan

antique siemens fan

mid century modern fan

vintage fan

Which type of vintage fan tickles your fancy?  Are any “fan clubs” growing in your home?

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Fresh Vintage’s Favorite Things

Mar 24, 2009 by

For three reasons, I am delighted to welcome Colleen from FreshVintage today to share some of her favorite vintage things.  1) She has fantastic taste in vintage treasures.  2) I marvel over her scores of treasures that she finds for mind-blogging low prices.   3) Most importantly, she is the Conan O’Brian of the junking and antiqing world.  How can you not appreciate a vintage lover who shares her stool samples? (We’re talking about the antique furniture kind silly!)    Without further ado, here’s Colleen on the mic!


“This aqua painted shelf has that crackly alligator patina that is impossible to reproduce. At one point in its life, someone added another piece of wood to extend the top of the shelf. This makes it the perfect depth for a pair of fans that I found at a yard sale for a few dollars.”


“I purchased this folk art red schoolhouse at a yard sale five years ago. The woman who sold it to me said that a friend of the family had made it for her when she was a little girl in the 1930’s. It is difficult to tell from the photo, but it is rather large at 18 inches high. There was probably a school bell on the roof at one time, but it has since been lost.”


“My favorite part can be found when you open the doors. There are several rows of little benches and a rustic teacher’s desk hidden inside.”


“This painted orange tin was one of my first purchases when I began to collect vintage items for my home. I have an affinity for orange, so it was the color that first caught my eye. And I love the simplicity of the hand-painted daisies and grass.”

Thank you Colleen very much for sharing your wonderful favorite things! (If the schoolhouse goes missing, it wasn’t me!)

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