Changing of the tides…

Oct 6, 2008 by

At the beach this weekend, I could feel everyone sadly saying goodbye to the call of the sea (at least for those without wetsuits).  To keep my workspace inspired, I found a few shells (fine, I bought them at the seashell shop by the shore).  One works beautifully as a repurposed catch-all for my paperclips.  It makes me smile when I now open my desk drawer.

The seasons have provided eternal inspiration for mankind, and now as summer fades into fall (forgive me, as So Cal is a bit slow on the seasonal uptake), what inspires you this season? Crisp air?  Fall fruit?  Argyle?  Share your inspirations to inspire us all this fall!

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Pesky Subscription Cards = Upcycling Genius!

Sep 29, 2008 by

Are you pestered by those inconvenient subscription cards that fumble out of every magazine?  Etsy seller Ugly Kitty was, and she decided to upcycle the cards (along with other vintage papers) into address files, held by a vintage recipe box (currently available for $65 via her waiting list).

Of course!!!  With the name, address, and email lines, magazine subscription cards make perfect repurposed personal address cards.  This upcycling idea makes me want to get organized before mailing out Christmas cards.  How do you keep all your friends and families’ addresses organized?

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Upcycled Organization Ideas

Sep 22, 2008 by

Monday always prompts me to re-organize my desk to prepare for a fresh week.  This weekend, I picked up an obsolete slide holder — and thought it would be lovely for a stylish desktop organization tool for the shop.

I’m also always looking to maximize my wall real estate, and this DIY project from GreenUpgrader adds a hint of shine and vintage industrial style to your office.  It is made of upcycled metal cans, great for stashing away notes, paperclips, letters, and stamps– although I think it would be interesting to use old metal cans that still have the vintage labels!

For a more rustic feel, this desk organizer from Farmhouse Wares is made of recycled garden wood…and I love the fact that you can open and close it for instant de-cluttering.

How do you organize your desks and workspaces?  What creative ways do you de-clutter your desks?  I’d love to hear about your desktop inspirations!

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