Airplanes + Vintage Industrial = Voila!

Sep 17, 2008 by

Voila Gallery in Los Angeles is a vintage treasure trove of amazing curiosities…including fantastic vintage industrial furniture pieces repurposed from old airplane parts!  Leah visited Voila at SF20 last week and shared their fantastic booth pictures (first set).  I love the vintage spotlights and how they created wall lighting options in the plane panels.  The second set are some of my favorites from their website — I swear I will be more productive in that vintage industrial desk upcycled from a plane! I swear!!

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Vintage Industrial Desk — A Secret Transformer

Aug 7, 2008 by

I nearly fell over in my chair when I saw this amazing 1930s vintage industrial desk from Sultana via First Dibs.  By day, it looks like such an interesting architectural piece, but by night (or any writing time), you turn it open, and like magic, a desk is revealed!  I also love how so many vintage industrial pieces are quite practical – with the little detailed wheels that make mobility so easy.  When I hit the Super Lotto, this baby’s mine!

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Taking vintage industrial to the next level of artistry

May 6, 2008 by

Although I am personally a bit afraid of robots, if they looked like the vintage industrial works of art Guy Robot makes, I would want one in each color! Guy Robot does a fantastic job of combining vintage industrial trinkets from your run-of-the-mill locations: decommissioned plumbing and refrigeration remnants and, of course, long-haul microwave equipment recyclers. With ingenuity and a great eye for art, along with fantastical stories about each robot, Guy Robot’s creations are nothing short of spectacular. Without further ado, may I present my favorites:

Vintage Industrial Robots

This really makes me think twice about the random box of strange electronics in my dad’s garage…..

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