Can You See Me Now?

Mar 20, 2009 by


Hello, it’s me Grace — behind the Google ad!

It has come to my attention that my endeavor to earn $.30 from Google ads this week has disrupted the viewing pleasures of several of my coveted readers.  I would have thought that Google, the ruler of the internet universe, would have compatible code with browsers.  Alas, they have failed me.  To ensure there are no more interruptions, I have happily removed the ad and replaced it with a humble link to my Etsy shop.  I’m terribly sorry for the disruption, but we will now return to our regularly scheduled programs!

I suppose the best way to compensate for the mix-up is to show you some mixed-up typewriters!  These typewriters were from a 2005 art exhibit from the New York School of Visual Arts, aptly titled “The Next Best … Ding!”    While I’m not a proponent of destroying vintage typewriters, these certainly make for good conversation pieces — and I comfort myself with the thought that perhaps all of these typewriters were beyond repair.

repurposed accordion typewriter

I always knew typewriters were music to my ears!

repurposed stone typewriter

Don’t you think the click-clack of the typewriter and it’s lovely “ding” make for a zenful experience?

repurposed shoe shine typewriter

Shiny keys make for shiny shoes!

repurposed blender typewriter

I’m sorry about the advertising mix-up!

Happy, happy Friday everyone!  Thank you for all of your understanding — and I’ll see you bright and early next week!

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Typelighters: Typewriters Doubling as Lamps

Jan 27, 2009 by

While we certainly do not need any more reasons to crave these treasures, vintage typewriters continue to showcase their timeless appeal (and usefulness) as they transition from typewriters into “typelighters.”


I spotted this show-stopping repurposed typewriter lamp in the home of the talented and timeless fashionista Courtney from In(side) the Loop, and I simply fell in love.  How fantastic would it be to enjoy a cocktail and banter amidst the most intellectual light in mankind’s history?   For more decor temptation, the incredibly stylish Courtney will be graciously opening her doors to us for an upcoming  Room without a Key Tour!


For a more literal interpretation, consider installing a lamp right onto your vintage Royal typewriter.  John Vanek was inspired by the “light” that would turn on when he typed on his portable typewriters, and voila – the “typelighter” was born!

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