Haunted Typewriters Pen a Vintage Halloween

Oct 20, 2009 by

repurposed antique corona no 3 typewriter

Either the spiders in my house are very intelligent or this antique Corona No. 3 typewriter is haunted, churning out typed pages on its own!  What do you think?

The antique typewriter with orange and yellow keys was simply made to be part of a vintage inspired Halloween.  In addition, its petite size turned a fairytale pumpkin into the perfect Halloween desk.

vintage halloween decor idea

I took pages out of a vintage book and then strung them up to the ceiling with fishing wire.  The pages naturally turn and flutter when someone walks by, adding to the eerie feel.

Have any vintage treasures inspired you this Halloween? I’ll be back again this week with another peek into how a vintage Halloween at my home is bubbling and toiling.

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Revisiting a Vintage Halloween

Oct 19, 2009 by

The fall nip in the air and my cravings for chocolate all point to one event: Halloween!  This weekend, I started fall decorating (we’re slower in California because it was still 80 degrees at the beach two days ago!), and I look forward to sharing my vintage-inspired Halloween ideas with you tomorrow.  But to kick off the week, shall we revisit Halloween in my home last year?

repurposed vintage halloween mantle decor

Last year’s mantle repurposed an architectural salvage sign to cast an eerie glow.  The swag was created with vintage hardcover books that were painted with a layer of chalkboard paint for scary messages.  For more details, kindly visit the vintage Halloween decor post from 2008.

repurposed vintage halloween decor ideas

Last Halloween was summed up with two words: chalkboard paint!  Chalkboard painted vintage hardcover books make another debut, along with a formerly baroque gold planter that looks much creepier with a coat of chalkboard paint and chalk lines.

vintage pumpkin carving

Not carving pumpkins is not tacky — but TACKful!  :)  Silver tacks dipped in chalkboard paint (I could not find black tacks for the life of me last year!) spell out scary messages.  For other TACKful creatures, kindly visit the original non-pumpkin carving post.

vintage pumpkin decorating ideas

I like to save many of my pumpkins as decor through Thanksgiving, but they often feel so naked on Halloween!  With a few vintage accessories, this is the best dressed no carve pumpkin couple on the block, if I do say so myself!

I kindly invite you to visit again tomorrow as I share this year’s vintage-inspired Halloween decor ideas!

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