Affordable Anthropologie: 4 Beds to DIY

Oct 11, 2010 by

It’s time for another installment of affordable Anthropologie inspired ideas, and today, let’s take a peek at their wanderlust beds that one could easily DIY.  The best part is that while these Anthropologie beds are crafted to look worn and upcycled, I believe it’s far more rewarding, personalized, and unique to find pieces to repurpose.  Enjoy!

The Marigold Bed may have rosettes as accents, but it also sports a price tag of $1000 – $1500.  I always see brass or metal beds on Craigslist that have the same shape, but only cost anywhere from $50 – $150.  Even the older true brass beds on eBay have buy-it-nows of only $500.  With a can of spray paint, you can enjoy your own version in whatever hue suits your bedroom best. The money you save could be spent on luxury beds from Silentnight!

When I was visiting Detroit last year, I saw heaps and heaps of cogs from abandoned factories that could be nearly identical to Anthropologie’s Hushed Hours Bed.  You can also find old factory cogs at various antique fairs across the country, and I have a feeling it won’t set you back $2500!

Now this bed is what lovely dreams frolicking through the forest are made of!  Be on the lookout as I replicate the Forest Canopy Bed look with real fallen trees from a forest nearby my home (and perhaps coaxing a Hawaiian wedding flower plant’s real vines to embrace the branches…imagine the sweet smell lulling one to sleep) — and the price tag will be free, rather than $5500!

Why buy a Gate Headboard for $1500 when you can use the real thing?  Visit your nearest Restore, architectural salvage, or even the “free” or “materials” section of Craigslist to find a real gate to use.  Find out more

Do any of these affordable Anthropologie ideas pique your creative DIY arm?

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6 More Ways to Repurpose Vintage Suitcases

Jun 21, 2010 by

On Thursday, I’ll be saying goodbye to San Diego and aloha to Hawaii, and with this inspiration, I’ve rounded up more ideas on how you can repurpose vintage suitcases into new treasures.  Enjoy — and I’ll see you on the other side of the Pacific next week!

This is the BEST repurposed suitcase idea I have ever seen.  Yes, you are looking at a bass made out of a vintage suitcase by Daniyel.  And the best part is that this crafty musician has posted step-by-step DIY instructions on his blog.

Use your vintage suitcase as a planter tray for your indoor specimens, as seen via Junk Warehouse Online

I’ve blogged about suitcase tables before, but I love what lovenostalgicwhimsy has done with creating an entire set of luggage coffee and end tables with their color-coordinated legs.  Charming!

I once hoarded half a dozen vintage suitcases in the hopes of stacking two columns of three to four suitcases and then topping it with a glass piece or antique French door to turn into a desk.  Alas, I sold all of my vintage suitcases during my last move, but here is a modern creation made of leather briefcases from the talented Maarten De Ceulaear, who you may know for the pile of suitcase armoires.

From the uber-creative JunkTion comes a great piece of repurposed furniture – a sofa made from an old vintage trunk.  It’s like the human version of the repurposed luggage pet bed that has been quite popular in the blogosphere.

A vintage suitcase gets a new life as an ambient light by Jo-Annie Larue – what a clever idea!

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From a Vintage Car into a Repurposed Sofa

May 25, 2010 by

While perusing Bel & Bel’s portfolio beyond their Vespa office chair, I stumbled upon the greatest conversation piece one could own: a vintage 600 SEAT Model D car repurposed into a sofa!

The sofa is equipped with working headlights, which are perfect for ambient lighting in a room, as well as an audio player.  I simply am in love with this piece and wish they shipped to the US so I could buy it for my son’s room!

Not to waste any piece of the SEAT 600, the back of the car has been ingeniously repurposed into a CD rack, which also has a built-in audio player.

Of course, there’s a version for the iPod, using the rear of the car as a repurposed docking station.  My oh my, I will never look at auto junkyards the same again!


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Vespa in Your Office: Repurposed Vespa Chair

May 20, 2010 by

Look out Herman Miller! Repurposed Vespa office chairs may just take you by storm. We all loved the faux repurposed Vespa rocking horse, but this reincarnation by Bel&Bel works for the coolest of adults too.

The repurposed chair has all of the modern workings of a comfortable seat, including ergonomic considerations, a hydraulic piston for height adjustments, and soft supple leather for the upholstery.


Better yet, the chair is available in white, red, gray, silver, and blue.  Decisions, decisions!

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Remodeling Your Kitchen? Repurpose Crates!

Mar 12, 2010 by

Kitchens are the heart of the home, and now they can be the center of repurposing!  With a few free shipping pallets that grocers always throw away, fruit crates, and even tea crates, you can turn your kitchen into a repurposed haven.  With a little bit of wood stain and a rag, you can transform nearly any wooden pallet or crate to have vintage-esq patina and glow.

Katrin Arens ingeniously repurposed a shipping pallet into a beautiful dish display.  The aged wood patina in this rustic kitchen is calling me to make a few good stews!  You can compliment this type of kitchen with rustic unfinished window shutters and get the most out of your new look.

As seen on HGTV, an old wooden crate is repurposed into a lovely, weathered spice rack.

If you really want a kitchen that is repurposed swoon-worthy, then it’s time to take shipping tea crates, complete with their original shipping imagery and type, and turn them into cabinets like Rupert Blanchard did.  Aren’t these incredible?!

If your cabinet doors leave something to be desired, why not take off the doors and use vintage apple crates in their place, as seen in House to Home?

Vintage fruit crates make another appearance as open shelving for your jars of dried goods, as seen in Country Living.

For one week, Simon Hoegsberg gave out free advice and coffee in Copenhagen to people walking by.  The project itself is quite intriguing, but what really caught my eye was the advice station he created out of shipping pallets.  This would make for a great repurposed kitchen island or kitchen table!

Crate appetit!

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