Repurposed Shoe Forms and Bookends, Part Deux

Oct 12, 2009 by

It’s been very quiet around our home (and the blog), as I’ve been grieving the loss of our beloved canine daughter, Maddie.  Two weeks ago, she was diagnosed with cancer, and she transcended to heaven last week.  For those who knew her, she radiated pure love that is still felt in all our hearts.  As I slowly pick up the pieces of my broken heart, I am returning to blogging, and I appreciate all of your patience during the last few weeks of silence at Poetic Home.


What should a girl do when she has too many books and antique shoe forms?  Make bookends, of course!  I shared several repurposed bookend and repurposed antique shoe form ideas previously, and this new project combines the best of both worlds.

repurposed bookends

I remember visiting a shoe repairman as a child and seeing antique shoe forms all over the shop, used as coat hangers, a business card holder, door stop, and paperweight.  This imagery stayed in my head  and inspired me to create shoe form bookends, which are quite simple to make.

repurposed shoe forms

  • I found a set of two matching wooden pieces at Re-store (alas, they did not have that aged wood patina I love, but this size worked well.)
  • I asked my husband (nicely) to drill a hole on the bottom of the each piece.
  • I screwed a long screw through the bottom of each base and into the heel of the antique shoe form.
  • I’m being very careful during the pregnancy to limit my exposure to chemicals.  However, if you want to properly ensure that the shoe form will not rotate or spin, you could add a drop of wood glue into each of the holes.
  • Lastly, I hot glued two pieces of felt to the bottom of the bases to prevent them from scratching any surfaces.

Arched antique shoe forms work wonderfully, as the soles hold the books in place.  However, the more common flat antique shoe forms can also be used, and you simply need to screw the shoe form along the edge of the base itself.  In the latter scenario, both the base and the entire shoe form itself would hold the books in place.

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Don’t Call Them Bookends…Try Book Beginnings

Feb 19, 2009 by

We all know that we should not judge a book by its cover, but what about bookends?  Don’t judge a bookend by the fact that it is marketed as one.  Looking around your home will present you with a medley of creative options that allow you to create repurposed bookends.  Here are two upcycled bookend ideas from yours truly, followed by inspiration from contributing creatives.


Architectural salvage places are the perfect place to start hunting for unique bookends.  I found this pair of brass flourishes from an architectural salvage yard, and their weight and shape made for perfect repurposed bookends.

Repurposed Typewriters as Bookends

For a literal interpretation of bookends, why not use vintage typewriters?  From my collection of antique typewriters, I borrowed two black Royals to make repurposed bookends.  I think the end result is quite inspirational for a writer or literary enthusiast.


Outdated (yet adorable) vintage cameras enjoy a new spotlight as bookends.  1453designs repurposed vintage Kodak Bakelight cameras, along with mah jong tiles and dominos, to create chic and stylish camera bookends.


While LPs still have a place in my home, there are some genres of music that simply need to be repurposed.    While we have all seen vinyl record bowls and coasters, this DIY tutorial shows you how to repurposed LPs into bookends.  Now that’s music to my eyes!

What do you use as bookends in your home?  I would love to hear about them and see photos!

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