Living Happily Ever After This Fall

Oct 29, 2009 by

spellbound slippers

“Ah!” our fairy godmother exclaimed.  “How could I forget the magic slippers?”

However, we would not see any of that glass slipper nonsense.  Our fairy godmother, who has been fashionable through the centuries, knew that only stilettos would suit a modern goddaughter.  And being an intelligent godmother, she fashioned from the House of Nature a pair of slippers – with cute ankle ties, nonetheless – that would not fall of any respectable lady’s feet.  Indeed, not walking barefoot was more important than leaving behind a “clue” about the transformed princess.  After all, with the population boom the fairy godmother has seen in the last century, it would be impossible for a modern prince to find his princess with just one shoe.  “That’s what Facebook is for,” she thought to herself.

And so our lovely fairy godmother waits in her fall fairytale, ready to come to the aid of any goddaughter looking for a modern “happily ever after!”

And on that note, I wish you a happy, happy Halloween friends!

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