House Tour: A Restored 1800s French-Creole Cottage

Mar 16, 2011 by

House Tour: A Restored 1800s French-Creole Cottage

On the edge of Lake Martin in Louisiana exists a French-Creole cottage that takes you back in time, when the sounds you hear are water lapping and crickets chirping, without a note of urban hum. Maison Madeleine is a true work of restored art, a 1800s cottage that was moved and lovingly restored in its current place. Let’s allow the photos to tell the story, shall we?

Against the beautiful earthen walls, which were originally made of mud and Spanish moss, the entire porch exudes a gorgeous patina. If any home had a patina, it would be this one!

While the dining room may look original, it is a new add-on with impeccable attention paid to nostalgic detail, including a baking oven, a potager, and a cookpot over the fireplace.

In the original kitchen hearth, a French masonry stove utilizes charcoal to simmer. Le Creuset anyone?

The slightly exposed brick gives the wall such a warm, vibrant feel.

Inside this 18th-century-inspired outbuilding made of salvaged wood is the well pump. Who would have known?

The best part is that Maison Madeline can be yours – for a few nights – as it is currently being operated as a bed and breakfast!

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Inspirational Restored Vintage Hollywood Home

Aug 6, 2008 by

I spotted on Carolina Eclectic that the famous Hollywood glamor home of Cedric Gibbons and Dolores del Rio was recently restored for the producer Joe Roth.  I love seeing historic restorations, and it is always interesting to see how modern designers interpret their client’s personality into the old soul of historic homes.  I think designer Michael Smith did a lovely job fusing modern sensibility with a vintage touch.  I would have utilized more vintage elements, but I am, of course, biased :)

Here are some “old” and “new” images for your historical restoration delight!  The vintage images are from 1935 and courtsey of JAMD.

Cedric Gibbons Vintage Hollywood Restored Home

This is an outdoor/indoor sitting area that overlooks the tennis court.  I love areas that cause you to pause and question, “Am I indoors or outdoors?”

Cedric Gibbons Vintage Hollywood Restored Home

Yes, I’d like one of the bed/couch hybrid….so romantic!

Restored Hollywood Home

I like how this room feels contemporary, yet still utilizes many vintage and antique inspired elements.  That antique plane sculpture is so lovely and adds whimsy to the room.

Cedric Gibbons Vintage Hollywood Restored Home

Plants can truly make such a large difference in any room. My eye is instantly attracted to the greenery, instead of the furniture, which is a great testament to the power of green!

Cedric Gibbons Vintage Hollywood Restored Home’s Kitchen

If I had this kitchen, I may be inspired to really cook….yes world, modernity and vintage inspiration can really live in harmony!  The kitchen island and counter are so modern (which I normally don’t care too much for), yet the infusions of vintage accessories in the clock, framed dog artwork, hanging lamp pendants, and the chairs make this room really remarkable.

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