6 DIYable Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Jun 25, 2011 by

What better way to bring warmth and history to your bedroom than with a reclaimed DIY wood headboard? Whether you use pallets (be sure to first read my post on potential toxicities in pallets, though!), ancient redwood, or the discarded wood siding of your neighbor’s farmhouse, the result of using salvaged wood is always original. Just add a regular mattress or an Ergoflex memory foam mattress, and you’ll be ready for sweet dreams!

A Formal Feeling Comes saw her neighbor discarding their wood siding and thought it would be the perfect material to create a unique headboard – and she was right!   While the original one she created was rectangular, she jigsawed her way into stylish lines and a special headboard for her mattress.

From old fence boards comes a gorgeous, character filled headboard by House Tweaking.  This is certainly the ultimate love bed!

Playing with the size of this headboard creates a dramatic piece made of salvaged wood, by laure at home.  I really like how the headboard frames the mattress generously.

This DIY pallet headboard from Stylizmo has garnered quite a bit of blogging attention, and certainly for good reason.  I love the muted colors and how easy of a DIY this is.  It leaves you with lots of extra money to splurge on a good mattress!


Yes, this is like inviting an entire tree to live in your bedroom, but why not?  As a DIY, this project would be quite a stretch, but I know my modern husband would love this creating by Hudson Furniture to be our bedroom set.

From ancient redwood trees comes this awe-inspiring headboard by Urban Hardwoods that showcases the true, raw beauty of nature.  I’ve seen a few of these headboards here on Maui and love how every nook and cranny of Mother Nature is left intact.  I’ve actually seen pieces of wood like this at a ReStore for $50 – $100…no kidding!  Just mount the headboard, and you’ve got a jaw dropping DIY headboard.

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Love is in the Sand and Sea

Feb 13, 2011 by

Valentine’s Day completely transforms with a little one to love, wherein romantic love blossoms into an exponential, cosmic love.  When we spent yesterday at a beach on the North Shore, we serendipitously found three heart-shaped broken coral pieces, almost a present from Mother Nature for Valentine’s Day!  I arranged our symbolic family on our son’s nature table (the result is a bit wabi sabi, I think) … and who would have known that three found coral pieces could be such an inspirational replacement for traditional red roses?

My son, who has been practicing pushing buttons for a few days, also took his very first picture, as seen above!  I think it captured the closeness and intimacy of love much more than my photos did — not bad for a boy who just turned one!

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with inspiration and love, from the people and earth around you!

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Growing Lamps out of Logs

May 11, 2010 by

While catching up on my DudeCraft reading, I stumbled upon Sean Woolsey‘s work, and his recent lamp logs really intrigued me.  I love the wild feel of these lamps and how each neck is shaped based upon the unique base.  The reclaimed wood wall in his studio (which serves as this photo’s backdrop) is wonderfully rustic and wabi sabi too.

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Wabi Sabi Decor in Arizona

Apr 17, 2009 by


The last place I expected to see Wabi Sabi decor was our hotel in Arizona.  Lo and behold, however, at the Boulders Waldorf in Scottsdale, I was surprised by the beautiful ambiance of the “casita” where we stayed.  The unfinished wooden beams and floors juxtaposed against nature linen fabrics and raw silk pillows were very Wabi Sabi in aura.


I especially liked how the wood beams and ceiling were set against the fan, whose streamlined design was beautifully accentuated with its natural wood grain.


Each morning, we enjoyed breakfast on the deck, which featured salvaged tree trunks for tables and chairs set atop untreated planks.   Who knew Wabi Sabi could live so peacefully amongst high-falutin designs?

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Wabi Sabi Bathroom Inspiration

Apr 3, 2009 by

Wabi Sabi celebrates the “mellow beauty that time and care impart to materials,” as eloquently explained by Soetsu Yanagi. To me, this bathroom from Notebook Magazine is an idyllic example of Wabi Sabi, with its aged wooden floors and the prevalence of weathered natural elements.


The best part about Wabi Sabi is that it does not involve high-brow design that has four zeros attached to the price tag.  Instead, some of the items you already cherish in your home could be quantified as Wabi Sabi, as are natural materials that are available through the hand of Mother Nature.


Happy Friday friends!  I wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend — perhaps filled with Wabi Sabi inspiration and finds!

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Wabi Sabi: A Picnic Interpretation

Mar 27, 2009 by

What happens when you combine the lifestyle philosophy of wabi sabi with art aficionados and a beautiful spring day?   You enjoy the pleasures of a wabi sabi picnic, of course!


The Center for Outdoor Centmporary Art hosted a wabi sabi picnic to celebrate life, nature and imperfect beauty.  The imprompty wabi sabi tableaux was created by the hand of many artists and participants who each contributed a small treasures that represented waib sabi to them.

Doesn’t this weekend seem like the perfect time to enjoy a wabi sabi picnic?  It could be such a lovely potluck of design and beauty!

P.S.  If you have a moment, kindly meander over to Tea for Joy, a lovely British design blog who always inspires me to enjoy a cup of afternoon tea.  Lynne was kind enough to interview me as part of the 2009 Style Resolution Series!

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