Revel in a Retro-chic Kitchen Gathering Space

Apr 10, 2013 by

Kitchen retro-chic inspired conviviality is making a huge comeback.  The heart of the home is becoming a haven of activity again, even in the midst of the high tech gadgetry that we find ourselves to be bombarded with, which is supposed to speed every process from cooking, toasting, baking, mixing  and other forms of food preparation to dish and even clothes washing.  Whether millennials or baby boomers, many of us have a palpable fondness for grandmother’s warm and homey kitchen design. There certainly is a demand for vintage and retro-chic appliances which conjure up fond images of the simpler, less complicated days of the  early 20th Century.

Photo Source: Georgiana Design

Creating that vintage look with its vibrant pastel hues of yellow, mint green, soft blue or vivid red or orange stoves, ovens, refrigerators, mixers and toasters, and even nostalgic dish washers and top-loading washing machines can be accomplished by refurbishing the actual appliances, or having it done by a growing industry of experts, in order to get a real Magic Chef, Wedgewood, Hotpoint,Smeg, Frigidaire  or other “true classic” from back-in-the-day installed and operational once again, with all the sounds, sleek stainless trims, simple lines and silhouettes that evoked feelings of treasured gathering moments in a space where aromas mingled with lots of unconditional love.

Photo Credit: Filipe Dilly

Vintage restorations can be expensive and may require constant appliance repair or washing machine repair, depending on the age of these treasures and whether parts are still available.  Therefore, savvy seekers of these mod and compelling pieces of labor saving equipment, often choose to purchase retro-chic appliances which are new and have been designed to recreate the “vintage look” but  are manufactured with technology, based on the latest industry standards, for efficiency and cost effective maintenance.

Photo Credit: Lilla Blanka

To get the true retro-chic and mod feel you seek and create a space that is the perfect setting for great cuisine, fun feasting, and priceless memory making moments,  don’t feel compelled to purchase all the bells and whistles.  The simplicity of those days when less was more, suggests appliance sales of one or two major pieces, and a few smaller vintage items such as a mixer, blender, or toaster, in order to allow that special warmth and revelry to evolve gently and continue to be of invaluable significance in your kitchen gathering space.

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Tailor And Stylist: A Poetic Closet from Yours Truly

Dec 8, 2012 by

I’m so excited to finally share with you a project that I’ve poured my heart and styling into, and now we are celebrating the grand opening!  Tailor and Stylist is an online boutique featuring a tightly edited collection of feminine, flattering, and nostalgic clothing.  As many of you know, I’ve worked as a photo stylist for the last eight years with credits in magazines, catalogs, and national ad campaigns, but what you may not know is that my husband was one of the youngest tailors to ever work on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, designing bespoke wardrobes for celebrities and even royalty.  Combining our love for fashion and nostalgia, we’ve teamed up to launch the aptly named Tailor and Stylist, which brings high-styled, well-tailored clothing to you – all at affordable prices.

I think you’ll see my vintage decor aesthetic throughout the collection, lookbook, and photos.  You might also recognize a few of the vintage decor stars from Poetic Home.  I’m so proud to share the Tailor and Stylist lookbook, which was inspired by my favorite poem, “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

Here are some of the fun “Poetic Home” inspired pictures that I styled for our website.  Oh, but of course I had to repurpose my library card catalog for those shopping the Tailor and Stylist “shoe catalog”.

And I couldn’t resist having some of my favorite pieces from my vintage typewriter collection enjoy a moment in the spotlight too.  Here’s a photo from our “Find Your Shoe Type” concept, starring an Olivetti Valentine and Red Royal Quiet De Luxe. I promise no typewriters were harmed in the production of the photos.  :)

And why would a girl need a purse when she could accessorize with an Olivetti Valentine?  I thought this iconic typewriter fit well with our Broadway Bound Jacket and Polka Dot Tights and Red Velvet Art Deco stilettos.  What do you think?

And here are some of my favorite looks from our in-studio shoot, including our adorable Take a Bow Peplum Dress, which is a modern take on the style of the roaring 1920s.

Our Kingston Glamour Dress is just waiting to make a memorable statement at any holiday party this year!

And last but not least, my version of 50 Shades of Grey featuring our Pure Elegant Pleated Maxi Skirt, which coincidentally or not, also happens to be the monochrome it color of the season.

And now the best part – exclusive coupon codes just for Poetic Home readers!  Use code DressPoetic for 20% off through December 17th.  And the first 10 Poetic Home friends will also get a free gift of our antiqued namesake tailor scissors necklace!

I would absolutely love to hear what you think, and if you would like to host a giveaway or coupon code on your blog, please just let me know.  I would deeply, sincerely appreciate my Poetic Home friends helping to spread the word about Tailor and Stylist, a poetic closet from yours truly.

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Vintage Dressing Tables Inspiration from the Silver Screen Era

Jul 18, 2012 by

As a small child, I always loved watching my glamorous, high-society grandmother getting ready for the day at her well-stocked dressing table.  She would pick out the perfect red for her lips, delicately dust her face with a pink pouf, and choose the perfect sparklers from her mind-boggling jewelry collection.  While not used often today, dressing tables are feminine, chic, and most importantly of all, far more comfortable and flattering than our bathroom countertop!  If you are looking for a way to tame your makeup collection in your powder room, consider adding a dressing table as part of your collection of fashionable and luxury bedroom furniture.  If you’re still not convinced, be inspired by these silver screen dames who look simply marvelous getting primped at their dressing tables.

Yes, this is Betty and Marilyn both at a dressing table together.  The trio looks so gorgeous!

I’m in love with the French Provencal lines of Carole Lombard’s dressing table.   Even if you have no where to go, at least where you get all dressed up is fabulous!

Sweet Audrey Hepburn’s dressing table is organized, simple, and shows how little makeup this true beauty really needed.

Barbara Stanwyck’s dressing table has just the right touch of functionality and Hawaiiana.

Today, we have YouTube and our favorite fashion and beauty bloggers for makeup advice.  However, decades ago, there was only beauty school, taught by men, but of course!  Nonetheless, I love the curvy lines of these dressing tables that are petite, perfectly charming, and lovely inspiration to help you  find a modern dressing table.


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4 Charmingly Vintage Laundry Rooms

Apr 10, 2012 by

Laundry rooms and I have always had an eclectic relationship.  When my husband and I lived in the Hollywood Hills, our laundry room was outside on our deck, which was tucked into a gorgeous hillside with trailing leaves and lush foliage.  I loved doing laundry there – until the raccoons decided to live under our deck and torment our dogs.  When we lived on the slopes of Haleakala on Maui, next to the rainforest, our laundry room was also outside, which was fabulous unless the trade winds were not blowing – meaning the mosquitos were biting me as I was sorting our colors.  Now we have a somewhat “normal” laundry room in Los Angeles, which is jammed in a tiny room that dumps us out into the garage.  At least we have garage doors by Garaga!

Did you know that the average American household does 400 loads of laundry every year, according to the California Energy Commission?  That means we spend an inordinate amount of time washing, drying, folding, and ironing!  To help make our time in the laundry room as pleasant as possible, I’ve rounded up four charming, vintage inspired laundry rooms that can easily take the pain out of cleaning stains!

From Southern Living comes an enchanting laundry room in a relaxing soft blue (specifically, Sherwin-Williams Waterscape) that is especially lovely on the wood plant walls and ceilings.  Vintage charm from the porcelain enamel pendants makes laundry time lovely both day and night.  Using open shelving with glass jars makes the room feel airy, while lending aesthetic appeal.  With the washing machines and dryer tucked neatly under the black soapstone counter, I would not mind laundry day so much if it were in this charming room!


White and light grays are the perfect backdrop to clean laundry, as beautifully showcased by Cabbages & Roses.  The vintage accents, ranging from the tin sign and wash board to the metal canisters artfully holding detergent, can infuse personality into any laundry room.  I especially love the curtains below the counter, perfectly accenting the deep farmhouse sink.


The vintage industrial ambiance of this laundry room from Elle Décor tops my list!  I just love how the garden room and laundry room can live together so harmoniously.  The deep trough-like sink, vintage bottle drying racks (perfect for drying intimates – genius!), and the fantastic collection of galvanized watering cans make me swoon.


Home & Harmony  has created such a warm, relaxing, and achievable laundry room, and I especially love the vintage industrial touches throughout the room, like the galvanized locker-style baskets and the hanger, which are such genius organizing ideas.  Even the fruit baskets tie in beautifully with the entire feel of the room, along with the warm texture of the Roman blinds.

I’m inspired to transform my laundry room dungeon into a place that can cleanse my soul – and our family’s socks.  How about you?

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In Pictures: How a Chesterfield Sofa is Made

Jul 31, 2011 by

The chesterfield sofa is an iconic furniture piece that exudes sophistication, wisdom, and comfort all at the same time.  If you have ever wondered just how these pieces are made – and why they last for so many decades – just take a look at the step-by-step, handmade process that goes into each one of these creations by The Original Sofa Co. in the UK. 

Every fine chesterfield starts out as a lovely sketch.


The hardwood frames are handcut, and then the construction officially begins.


Don’t forget the padding for years and years of comfort!


I love how this process is literally sewn by hand!


Here comes the tufts or which chesterfields are famous.


And voila!  A true masterpiece ready to grace any den or study for decades.

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4 Iconic Vintage Chairs Interpreted into Beds

Mar 31, 2011 by

Great furniture design transcends not only time, but its original form.  Let me illustrate with four examples of iconic chair and sofa designs – and how they beautifully translate into beds!   From chesterfields to Eames, it is clear that these antique and vintage designs live happily both in living rooms and bedrooms.

While Pltrona Frau’s white chesterfield sofa is a recent design, the chesterfield itself is as iconic as an antique sofa gets!  Of course, the chesterfield is beautifully interpreted as a bed, which is the Kensington from the collection of faux leather beds by Our World of Interiors.   Remember, not any button-tufted headboard will do, as the gently wrapped lines of the chesterfield are just as important.

The chesterfield button style combines with the classic wingback chair to create a piece that stands the test of time — and different rooms.  This wingback chesterfield chair from Sevens becomes a lovely headboard for a bed, which is the Sandringham, again from the collection of leather beds from Our World of Interiors.  This type of darker leather chesterfield inspired bed is great for a gentleman’s room or even a modern couple’s bedroom.

The Eames Lounger is one of the most iconic and coveted mid-century modern pieces.  If you want your pup to have as exquisite MCM taste as you do, then the Vurv Ellipse dog bed fits the bill!  This is the perfect canine sleeping interpretation of the Eames Lounger.  Wouldn’t it look lovely at the foot of your bed in your mid-century modern inspired bedroom?

Modernica’s Case Study Alpine Bed takes the beautiful, iconic lines of the Eames bentwood chair and turns it into a work of art for your bedroom.  I appreciate how the design thoughtfully translates the feet and curves, but I do think the headboard could have paid a bit more homage to Eames.  Nonetheless, it is a lovely bedroom interpretation of the Eames bentwood chair.

I’d love to hear about any chair-to-bed transformations you’ve seen – or would like to see!

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