In Pictures: How a Chesterfield Sofa is Made

Jul 31, 2011 by

The chesterfield sofa is an iconic furniture piece that exudes sophistication, wisdom, and comfort all at the same time.  If you have ever wondered just how these pieces are made – and why they last for so many decades – just take a look at the step-by-step, handmade process that goes into each one of these creations by The Original Sofa Co. in the UK. 

Every fine chesterfield starts out as a lovely sketch.


The hardwood frames are handcut, and then the construction officially begins.


Don’t forget the padding for years and years of comfort!


I love how this process is literally sewn by hand!


Here comes the tufts or which chesterfields are famous.


And voila!  A true masterpiece ready to grace any den or study for decades.

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Would You Like Grain Sacks with That Reupholstery?

Feb 6, 2009 by


My favorite reupholstery projects take antique bones and dress them in unusual fabrics or modern materials.  Reupholstered with French vintage grain sacks, this Edwardian sitting chair takes on new life.  I especially enjoy the symmetrical and purposeful use of the graphics on the grain sacks.

Of course, another fantastic way to add vintage grain sacks and burlap into your home is to stop by maya*made’s Etsy shop, who just had an exciting shop update today!

Do you have any creating plans this weekend?  I hope that you will enjoy a happy, relaxing, and inspirational weekend!

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Reupholstery Before and After – Ercol Day Bed Style

Dec 31, 2008 by


Christianna’s London home is graced by a lovely Ercol day bed reupholstered with charming Designers Guild fabrics, which are a pretty respite from its original tan color (cleverly disguised in the “before” photo with a turquoise throw).  Blessed with a capable friend who kindly reupholstered the vintage 1960s piece, Christianna opted to replace the stiff back cushions with comfortable, relaxing bedroom pillows — smartly covered with removable (and reversible) covers.  With a flick of her wrist and a change of her mood, Christianna can revamp the look of her vintage Ercol day bed by flipping over her pillows.  Paired with matching Ercol armchairs, this set is perhaps one of the best charity shop finds in all of London!

May this New Year bring inspiration to revamp, repurpose, and reupholster!  Happy 2009!

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Reupholstery Guide: Deconstructing an Antique Chair

Oct 1, 2008 by

Many readers have emailed me regarding the appropriate means in which to “take down” or “rip out” the old tacks and knots to prepare an antique chair for reupholstery.  This process is one of the best ways to learn about reupholstery — especially regarding your specific piece.  However, before you begin the deconstructing process, do you need to rebuild the structure and stuffing, or can you simply recover your antique chair with new fabric?  You can ascertain this by conducting the following inspection: (read the rest of the reupholstery guide after the jump)

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Vintage Reupholstery Treats

Sep 12, 2008 by

The mix of old and new appeals to my design aesthetic…I love taking a vintage piece and mixing it with a “modern” fabric to give it an unexpected personality.  Vickie Davis, an artist and reupholstery aficionado from New Zealand, reupholters vintage couches and chairs from 1950s – 1970s, which typically have good native NZ wood bones, with unexpected fabrics.  The result is quite fun!

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Antique reupholstery projects: chic and eco-friendly

Aug 6, 2008 by

Reupholstery couch

One of my favorite elements of using vintage and antique furniture in my home is the fact that it is eco-friendly.  Just today, I saved a mid-century modern desk from going into the landfill (pictures on the revamped desk to come).  Another great way to be kind to the environment, while creating a chic, unique look for your home, is to reupholster antique furniture or vintage furniture.  Let’s look at how your vintage stylishness saves the earth!

  •  When you reupholster antique furniture, you choose not to partake in the ridiculous amount of raw materials (and emissions!) that have to be shipped internationally for new furniture.
  • By reupholstering vintage furniture, you save it from its doomsday death in the landfills.  In the UK alone, more than 50,000 furniture pieces get tossed into landfills each year, and the US number is staggeringly higher.
  • It is true that furniture is not made like it previously was…and thus, probability indicates that the piece you are considering reupholstering has greater quality and more longevity than most of the selection on today’s market.

Now you have a reason to feel great about the fabulous reupholstered furniture you have in your home!  (Photo Credit: In House Design)

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