Calorie-Free Food (or Rocks) for Thought

Jul 31, 2009 by

I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer!  I apologize for my scarcity in posting, as being pregnant and craving going to the beach each day has significantly reduced my computer time — but I have a few repurposing projects in the works that I am excited to share with you soon!

In the interim, why don’t we enjoy some food for thought?  Or rather, could it be rocks for thought?  This was a fun exhibition entitled “Rock Feast” at the Del Mar Fair a few weeks ago that made my eyes perform a double take.  Who knew rocks could look so delicious?

repurposed rocks as food

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  Those are all rocks!

repurposed rocks as food

Yes, the burger, the potato — and even the butter — all rocks!

repurposed rocks as food

(Rock) sheet cake never looked so delicious — and calorie free!

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Joining the (Vintage) Fan Club

Jul 20, 2009 by

Vintage Fan - Uppercase Feature

The Poetic Home “Fan Club” enjoyed its first print appearance in the marvelous 2nd issue of the inspirational UPPERCASE magazine (it’s not too late to sign up for a subscription!).  I had the tremendous pleasure of penning a vintage column on “keeping cool with a classic” and sharing a few of the fan characters that have come across my path.  In the spirit of summer, shall we take a jaunt down Poetic Home’s Fan Club lane?

1940 SuperLectric Vintage Fan

airplane vintage fan

zero vintage fan

antique siemens fan

mid century modern fan

vintage fan

Which type of vintage fan tickles your fancy?  Are any “fan clubs” growing in your home?

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The Del Mar Fair…through Poetic Home’s Eyes

Jul 9, 2009 by

The excitement, nostalgia, and curiosity of the Del Mar Fair makes the event one of my favorite experiences in San Diego (the funnel cake does not hurt the cause either!).  The Del Mar Fair this year was themed “Music Mania.”  Would you like to join me and my little camera to explore how the floral designers and landscapers interpreted the theme?

Repurposed piano in landscaping

This piano (which I blindly hope was defunct before the installment) is repurposed into a gorgeous symphony of overflowing greenery.

repurposed drum planters

In the same installment, a set of drums are artfully repurposed to become loud planters.  To the left of this was a fountain made of cymbals, but alas, I have not yet mastered the art of capturing water movement!

piano inspired walkway

Who wouldn’t love to dance across this walkway, imagining the beautiful notes one could create on each faux piano key?

repurposed piano planter

A repurposed grand piano plays a symphony of green notes amidst a scene set with beautiful lighting.  Outdoor lighting, you have been usurped by twinkling lights and chandeliers!

repurposed brass horn vase

Long-lasting orchids and brass instruments combine to make a lovely duet.  This would be a marvelous display for any party — or even intriguing decor pieces for a musician’s wedding!

repurposed dresser planter

Airing out dirty laundry is easy when you have drawers filled with greenery and flowers!

Major San Diego entertainment events come in various forms, ranging from concerts to fairs.

There are so many elements I would love to incorporate into the concert of my own home decor.  How about you?

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A Rainbow Collection of Vintage Office Supplies

Jun 24, 2009 by

A warmest welcome to all sfgirlbybay readers!  Thank you for visiting — and thank YOU to Victoria for your lovely feature of some of my favorite vintage decor pieces.Vintage Office Supplies

May I introduce you to Roy G. Biv’s vintage office?  While some believed Mr. Biv was OCD in how he color-coded all of his vintage office supplies, he was merely surrendering himself to the rainbow acronym for whom he was subconsciously named.

From my collection of vintage office supplies (left to right), we have an array of colored red pencils and pink erasers for “carbon documents” (why on earth don’t erasers come with built-in brushes anymore?!), a vintage watercolor palate, an orange manual pencil sharpener, a yellow tape measure, a green wooden two-hole paper punch,  a green eraser for “original documents,” a cobalt blue inkwell, two blue-tipped “general” erasers, a Tru-Rite typewriter ribbon tin (with the original, sealed ribbon still inside!), and a purple two-toned antique Remington typewriter from the 1930s.

Memo Addendum: Roy G. Biv sincerely hopes that I find more vintage office supplies on my treasure hunting journeys.

Do any vintage office supplies capture space on your desk?

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Poetic Home is Growing!

Jun 3, 2009 by


My friends, it looks like the Poetic Home household is growing from two to three!   Hubby and I are happily pregnant with our very first baby, who will most likely be a New Year baby!

I always knew that a baby would change our life, but I didn’t realize that the changes would happen so quickly!  With baby on board, we realize that being nomads is not the best idea, so we are cutting our roadtrip short and heading back this week to San Diego, where we will be having the baby (living on a tropical island shall also have to wait).  I have also befallen the challenges of the first trimester, including morning sickness that has been lasting 24 hours a day.   If you have any all day sickness tips, I would love be much obliged if you shared your wisdom with me!

I will not be posting for the next two weeks as we journey back across the country and become re-settled, but I look forward to being with you all again later in the month!

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From a Shoe to a Penholder, Candlestick, and Lamp!

May 28, 2009 by

I’ve always loved the allure of antique wooden shoe forms…but when it comes to my decor philosophy at home, I like to choose treasures that hold both form and function.   Yet the patina of old shoe forms is difficult to resist.  With that said, I wanted to share a few ways one can repurpose antique shoe forms to be both fun and functional.

shoe form repurposed as pen holder

On a desk, a repurposed shoe form penholder holds a treasured writing utensil – ready to create when inspiration strikes.  I find that I enjoy this special pen, which was a birthday gift from the hubby, much more displayed on top of my desk than tucked away in a drawer.


Shoe forms lend themselves quite well to becoming repurposed lamp bases, whether or not you have a shoe fetish.  Talk about a conversation piece!


While you would certainly need to ensure this shoe form is not left unattended, using them as repurposed candleholders is both quaint and a bit industrial.

How do you feel about antique shoe forms?  Are they finding a spot in your home?

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