Mid Century Modern 60-Drawer Library Card Catalogs for Sale in Los Angeles

Feb 24, 2013 by

Friends, we are moving and unfortunately do not have room in our new home for my beloved mid-century modern library card catalogs.  I have three identical catalogs, and the measurements are 60″ tall x 40″ wide x 17″ deep.   The library catalogs have tapered MCM legs, are made of solid blonde wood, with 60 drawers each. They are in fabulous condition and are very difficult to find, especially in matching pairs. You’ve seen them before here as a display case for my air plant collection, and they are also so useful as art supply organizers, wine rack, and so much more!

The price is $900 for one or $1600 for a pair, and I’m happy to cut another deal if you buy all three. They are available for pickup in Walnut, in Los Angeles (zip code 91789), are very heavy and would likely require two men to move them. I’m also happy to accept payment via PayPal if you would like to coordinate shipping on your end. Please email me at poetry@poetichome.com if you are interested in giving these treasures a loving home!  Thanks so much!

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7 Outside the Bedframe Bunk Bed Ideas

Apr 3, 2011 by

Since adding the title “mommy” to my many hats, I’ve been much more attuned to children’s rooms and decor.  A classic piece of furniture for a child’s room is, of course, bunk beds!   However, there are many more options beyond the rectangles we remember sleeping in from summer camp or our freshman year in the dorms.  Here are seven unique bunk bed ideas that will have you thinking outside the bed frame.



I love the sophisticated feeling of this room and its built-in bunk beds and desks, as seen via Houzz.   It almost feels like a gentleman’s den was repurposed into a room for two boys!


Who knew bunkbeds could be so sophisticated?  The moldings, thoughtful staircase, and muted colors make this built-in bunkbed wall tres chic.  (I lost the photo source on this one…if you know who the designer is, please let me know so I can add the credit!).


Part of the wood bunk beds collection at BunkBeds.net is the Argington Uffizi Bunk Bed, which would fit well in a mid-century modern home.



The right piece can be the bunk bed that launched a thousand (make believe) ships!  I like how this pirate-inspired bunk bed has antique aged brass portholes, but still fits in well with a room’s decor without being too themed.  This is also from the collection of wooden bunk beds at BunkBeds.net.

I also love the outside-the-frame thinking of this unique bunk bed from Mimondo.

This vintage 1975 bunkbed by Luigi Colani is simply ingenious.  The desk feels intimate yet productive, while the chalkboard hides the closet – perfect for small spaces.


And just to put a smile on your face, here’s another repurposed luggage cat bed from the Etsy shop lovenotsalgicwhimsy, but this time in a bunkbed fashion, complete with baseballs for feet.  Who says our felines can’t enjoy bunkbed fun too?


When you no longer need bunk beds, what can you do with such a large piece of furniture?  Repurpose them into sofas or daybeds, but of course!  Designer Deborah Parks took bunkbeds and repurposed them into sofas for her sleeping porch, as seen in the 2010 Decorators’ Showhouse.

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4 Iconic Vintage Chairs Interpreted into Beds

Mar 31, 2011 by

Great furniture design transcends not only time, but its original form.  Let me illustrate with four examples of iconic chair and sofa designs – and how they beautifully translate into beds!   From chesterfields to Eames, it is clear that these antique and vintage designs live happily both in living rooms and bedrooms.

While Pltrona Frau’s white chesterfield sofa is a recent design, the chesterfield itself is as iconic as an antique sofa gets!  Of course, the chesterfield is beautifully interpreted as a bed, which is the Kensington from the collection of faux leather beds by Our World of Interiors.   Remember, not any button-tufted headboard will do, as the gently wrapped lines of the chesterfield are just as important.

The chesterfield button style combines with the classic wingback chair to create a piece that stands the test of time — and different rooms.  This wingback chesterfield chair from Sevens becomes a lovely headboard for a bed, which is the Sandringham, again from the collection of leather beds from Our World of Interiors.  This type of darker leather chesterfield inspired bed is great for a gentleman’s room or even a modern couple’s bedroom.

The Eames Lounger is one of the most iconic and coveted mid-century modern pieces.  If you want your pup to have as exquisite MCM taste as you do, then the Vurv Ellipse dog bed fits the bill!  This is the perfect canine sleeping interpretation of the Eames Lounger.  Wouldn’t it look lovely at the foot of your bed in your mid-century modern inspired bedroom?

Modernica’s Case Study Alpine Bed takes the beautiful, iconic lines of the Eames bentwood chair and turns it into a work of art for your bedroom.  I appreciate how the design thoughtfully translates the feet and curves, but I do think the headboard could have paid a bit more homage to Eames.  Nonetheless, it is a lovely bedroom interpretation of the Eames bentwood chair.

I’d love to hear about any chair-to-bed transformations you’ve seen – or would like to see!

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“Fall” in Love with Library Card Catalog Cabinets

Nov 4, 2009 by

Although it’s been five years since I left the hallowed hallways of Berkeley, the fall always reminds me of the promise of new knowledge.  For the fall issue of UPPERCASE magazine (which you can still enjoy through a subscription), I was inspired by the quintessential symbol of  timeless wisdom: library card catalogs.  Of course, in the spirit of Poetic Home, my article is filled with ideas on how to repurpose these wonderful biblio-antiquities.

uppercase - library card catalog feature

Here is a closer look at the current rendition of my most recent library card catalog cabinet find.  It’s a cabinet of vintage curiosities for now, but I’m in the process of repurposing it for the baby’s nursery.

Mid Century Modern Library Card Catalog Cabinet

Does the fall remind you of back-to-school nostalgia too? It may be time for me to take a trip to the library this afternoon….

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Peeking into Habitat 67 in Montreal

Apr 22, 2009 by


Habitat 67 holds much allure for architectural, history, and vintage enthusiasts such as myself, although most either hate it or love it.  Built for the ’67 Expo and designed by McGill University’s Moshe Sadie, Habitat 67 was a social experiment, architectural innovation, and art expression rolled into one.  Comprised of 354 cubes, nearly 150 homes are tucked between the majestic river, city lights, nature, and the sky.   While there are an abundance of photos of the exterior of Habitat 67, it is hard to find interior photos of this revolutionary architectural statement…until today!


During my search for vacation rentals in Montreal, I gravitated towards finding one for a several month stay in Habitat 67.  Lo and behold, I found one with gorgeous photos that give us a peek into the beauty and innovation of Habitat 67, inside and out.  I love how there is a wonderful nod to vintage, mid-century modern inspiration, yet the space still feels quite cutting-edge — which is quite an architectural feat.  My favorite is the final photo, where the beauty of Habitat 67 really shines in how it innovatively and inspirationally connects the building with unique viewpoints.   You can almost feel the rush of the river beneath you through the unique view in the concrete wall.






I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the availability of this vacation rental for my upcoming jaunt to Montreal!

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Mid Century Modern Meets French Provencal

Apr 6, 2009 by

The best way to describe my home’s interior design style is vintage eclectic.  I love mid-century modern designs, but I also love the romantic lines of French antiques.  To be honest, the list of vintage and antique treasures I love could go on forever!  Here is a peek at my (mostly dismantled for the move) dining room, where I think mid-century modern chairs live happily with a French provencal table.

mid century modern chair

While the furniture lines are quite distinct, the clean lines of the MCM dining chairs are well offset by the curves of the French provencal table.

mid century modern dining set

Bon appetit, eclectic vintage style!

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