quaint handmade’s Favorite Vintage Things

Apr 1, 2009 by

Today, I enjoy the splendid pleasure of welcoming Cindy from quaint handmade to share her favorite vintage treasures.  Cindy, whose blog she co-authors with her husband Scott, shares genuine, heartfelt ideas that consistently inspire me to contemplate the beauty of life.  quaint handmade’s photographs and musings capture a life filled with thoughtfulness, and I especially enjoy Cindy’s new diptych series that finds the line that connects throughout all of Brooklyn.  I am sure that many of you feel the same.  Without further ado, I introduce quaint Cindy!

“My favorite vintage things were all my Mom’s. Although we shared many common interests like decorating, crafting and cooking, she was not one to covet old things or collect them. I, on the other hand, love vintage  and have many collections. She also loved simple colors and asymmetrical  lines while I love florals and symmetry. These items are very special  not because they are have enormous monetary value, but because she loved them and so do I.”


“The green glass vase was my Grandmother’s and the purple one was my  Mom’s. I don’t remember seeing them around the house growing up and suspect they were hidden for safekeeping because they are very delicate.”


“My Mom and I would take the bus about once a week to a local mall for some lunch and shopping. She loved simple, classic design and found this lovely statue in a Danish store for $.50. I would say it was one of her favorite objects.”


“The Hall Teapot was one of the first things she purchased when she married my Dad. I love the colors and it looks great with my floral china.”

Thank you so much Cindy for sharing your beautiful and sentimental treasures! Isn’t it wonderful how you can see a lovely connection between a blogger’s life and aesthetic through the items she treasures?

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Fresh Vintage’s Favorite Things

Mar 24, 2009 by

For three reasons, I am delighted to welcome Colleen from FreshVintage today to share some of her favorite vintage things.  1) She has fantastic taste in vintage treasures.  2) I marvel over her scores of treasures that she finds for mind-blogging low prices.   3) Most importantly, she is the Conan O’Brian of the junking and antiqing world.  How can you not appreciate a vintage lover who shares her stool samples? (We’re talking about the antique furniture kind silly!)    Without further ado, here’s Colleen on the mic!


“This aqua painted shelf has that crackly alligator patina that is impossible to reproduce. At one point in its life, someone added another piece of wood to extend the top of the shelf. This makes it the perfect depth for a pair of fans that I found at a yard sale for a few dollars.”


“I purchased this folk art red schoolhouse at a yard sale five years ago. The woman who sold it to me said that a friend of the family had made it for her when she was a little girl in the 1930’s. It is difficult to tell from the photo, but it is rather large at 18 inches high. There was probably a school bell on the roof at one time, but it has since been lost.”


“My favorite part can be found when you open the doors. There are several rows of little benches and a rustic teacher’s desk hidden inside.”


“This painted orange tin was one of my first purchases when I began to collect vintage items for my home. I have an affinity for orange, so it was the color that first caught my eye. And I love the simplicity of the hand-painted daisies and grass.”

Thank you Colleen very much for sharing your wonderful favorite things! (If the schoolhouse goes missing, it wasn’t me!)

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The Homebound’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 18, 2009 by

Today I have the pleasure of sharing peeks into the home and vintage treasures of Jess, from The Homebound.  For inspiration on renovations, doses of clever humor, and fantastic chalkboard paint ideas, The Homebound is the place to be.  And any girl who includes a vintage shop in her wedding registry is a fantastic chica in my book!  Perhaps the best way to introduce Jess would be to share some of my favorite spaces in her lovely historic house.


Pairing a chalkboard panel with a clawfoot bathtub is so unconventional, yet so lovely together.  I can imagine beautiful love poems written on the chalkboard panel.


Jess’ ingenious ways with chalkboard paint is the perfect solution to a home office’s wall.  If I had this wall, framed to-do list and calendar, I know I would be exponentially more effective.


Jess’ most recent incarnation of her living room mixes and matches different genres and colorscapes very well.  The red chair pictured is one of Jess’ favorite vintage things — and for good reason!  In her own words, “This vintage red darling is the first piece of furniture that my husband and I purchased together. We were in a local second hand store and my husband saw this chair. Usually I don’t let him help in any decor purchases because I am a complete control freak when it comes to interior design. But, he pointed this baby out, I thought that I could make this piece work in my house and now it is one of my favorite pieces. Score one for the husband and now I have also reached my quota in allowing him to help. Two birds with one stone, people!


“This picture is a 3 for 1 treat! The two side lamps were wonderful wedding presents that I had registered for at a tiny vintage store in my husband’s hometown. I thought it would be a little different to register at someplace other than Target (though you better believe I went there too!) or Bed Bath and Beyond and the clock is something we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. I think it makes a rather nice vignette in our dining room.”

Thank you Jess for sharing your favorite vintage treasures — and for inspiring us all to take out our chalkboard paint!

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UPPERCASE’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 12, 2009 by

Janine from UPPERCASE Gallery never ceases to amaze me with her creative projects (including a new magazine on the way!), intriguing curated exhibits, and of course, her fantastic taste in vintage treasures. While she has an enviable collection of drool-worthy vintage typewriters on display at UPPERCASE, today she shares with us a space in her lovely home that showcases some of her favorite vintage things.


I have many favourite vintage things (many of which are typewriters, typewriter memorabilia and paper ephemera). Most of my typewriters are actually on display in UPPERCASE, but at home the one vintage thing that makes the biggest impact in my small house is this classroom map of Canada from 1962. My husband Glen bought it in a small town in British Columbia when we were on a road trip together. We lounge on the couch and look up at the map and think of places we’ve been or plan future trips. I’ll sometimes quiz Glen about where a particular lake, river or town is located and he’s nearly always right.


The dark wooden chest, dating back to the early 1900s, was given to me by my grandfather and is lined with old patterned paper and smells terribly of moth balls when opened. The red table is not vintage at all, but a lucky garage sale find from down the street ($4!).

Hanging non-traditional artwork that has meaning to you is such a wonderful way to decorate your home.  Thank you Janine for giving us a lovely peek into your home — as well as inspiring us to dream of road trips via vintage maps to come!

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Heart of Light’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 4, 2009 by

I am deeply enthusiastic to introduce Rachel, from the visually and gastronomically delicious Heart of Light, who will share with us a few of her favorite vintage things.  Beyond the creative projects and fun crafts she creates, many of us have already enjoyed the tremendous tastes of the recipes she graciously shares.   From her beautiful food photography, I am always inspired to instantly run into the kitchen to try her recipes, which she explains in amazingly accessible terms to even inexperienced bakers such as myself.

Rachel, who is currently on a respectable shopping hiatus, shares her treasure hunting philosophy, “My approach to vintage shopping is to only purchase pieces that resonate with me, that fit in my home, and that will be useful. I love that my kitchenwares are functional display pieces, and I use them all the time.”


My mid century Dansk dishes are definitely some of my very favorite vintage pieces. It started with the little blue dish, which I found at my favorite local thrift store for just $3. Later, I found the larger pieces at the Fairfax flea market and snapped them up. They were incredibly dirty, but a really good cleaning restored them. I love the delicate curved handles, and the bright primary colors make me happy. I couldn’t bear to leave them in the cupboard so I display them on my living room wall and just take them down when I need to use them. (pH Note: How can you not admire a lady who can turn dishes into the perfect installation of mid-century modern art?)


I adore cake stands, and this is the piece that started it all. It’s a vintage pressed glass cake stand that I picked up at an antique mall in my
hometown for $9. I was in the midst of designing a dessert buffet for my sister’s wedding, so I was on the lookout for beautiful pieces that would pop on the table. I later found two more at the Rose Bowl flea market in this exact pattern, so I now have a trio. I’ve since bought quite a few cake stands, both vintage and modern, but this is still my sentimental favorite.


My jadite batter bowl was another Fairfax flea market steal. The vendor was asking $20, but when he saw how much I loved it, he quickly lowered the price to $5 – I was shocked! It’s a heavy, Anchor Hocking piece and I love using it when I’m baking.


Vintage tea cups are a relatively recent obsession although I’ve always loved tea. I was out at a Santa Monica flea market and I found a Wedgwood tea cup and saucer that got me started. Recently, I purchased an amazing fortune telling tea cup from Etsy shop ThorwaldHome.  I’ve been keeping the cups in a little stack on my dining room table so that I can enjoy them even when I’m not drinking out of them.

Thank you kindly Rachel for inviting us over for tea, baked goods, and the joy of using cookery as art! Isn’t it such a delight to see how beautifully her favorite vintage things accentuate her gracious cooking and baking?

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A Field Journal’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 3, 2009 by

I’m delighted to share with you the vintage treasures that Livy from A Field Journal enjoys in her home.   Her photos perhaps do not need any introduction, as her graceful aesthetic, artistic composition, and nostalgic ambiance are instantly recognizable by those of us who love her work and inspirational blog – which will charm you upon the very first visit.  (P.S. For further Field Journal inspiration, take a “peek” into her drawers from a fun previous pH feature.)

Old Spool: They’re the tiniest among my vintage treasures, but I love them just the same. Colorful, made of wood, and most of them quaintly labeled or stamped with things like “15 cents” and “American Thread Co.”. Last summer I became a pretty dedicated yard sale girl and I bought these one morning from a woman who asked if I sewed.. Well, to be honest I’m still working on that skill but maybe one day.

Like a Glove: My most recent (and favorite) vintage acquisition. I went antiquing over Christmas break with my roommate, and we hunted through booths and booths before I finally settled on these. The best parts: they’re pale pink, with delicate embroidery and tiny scalloped edges, plus they really do fit just perfectly.

Snapshots: I have such a habit of gravitating toward old paper things – letters, envelopes, photos, old packaging – I’ve been hooked since the first 1918 postcard I bought at an antique store in northern California five years ago. The photo above is one of a small collection that I picked out at the local flea market in West Hollywood. When and why did photos stop having pretty scalloped edges like that?

Lamp: I bought this at an estate sale last summer for only a dollar. It’s has a mid century shape but its soft off white color is so versatile. It’s the perfect bedside table lamp.

Thank you SO much Livy for sharing a few of your favorite vintage things! Stop by for tea tomorrow with the next series guest contributor — whose creative craft projects and delicious recipes may have already made their way into your home!

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