6 Wood Pallet Bed DIY Inspirations

Aug 29, 2012 by

We have an extra guest room in our house, but no one would know it, as it is currently our free-for-all storage mess.  I’m slowly beginning to bring sanity to the room, and the first step is to decide on a guest bed.  A fantastically budget-friendly option I’m considering is pallet beds, although I am also in love with the style of the French Loire style beds from www.wooden-beds.com too.  I’ve written on the toxicity of pallets before, but if you wear proper protection when you sand them down, it should minimize any of the chemicals and bacteria present on the wood.  Nonetheless, I would not use repurposed pallets in my son’s room, but since a guest bedroom is rarely used, I feel more comfortable with it.  Here are six wide-varying inspirations for DIY wood pallet beds, ranging from masculine chic to minimalist and all the styles in between.


One of the first ever pallet beds I saw, this comes from a stylist’s beautiful apartment in Paris, as showcased on DesignSponge.


I love the wabi sabi feel of this pallet wood bed seen via Bodie and Fou, which has been left au natural.  Keep in mind that not all pallets are created equal; some are meant to be thrown away after a few uses, while others have higher quality wood for long-term pallet use.  The latter is most ideal for a DIY bed project.


Who knew that a pallet wood bed could be so masculine chic, as seen via Platform Bed?  I love the rich wood colors of the pallet here, which has also been extended into the DIY nightstand.  So lovely!


Whether Scandinavian or shabby chic, a wood pallet bed can be the perfect accent painted in white, as seen via Vtwonon.  It would also look lovely in a Belgian soft gray.


While firemen may not approve of the candle setup of this bed, and it is not particularly my aesthetic, I do love the inspiration via Indulgy nonetheless!  Using pallets larger than your mattress gives you a convenient space to stash your bedside treasures – and a few extra  candles too (perhaps fire-safe LED ones).


Pallet beds can also be brought outside as day beds!  This is a brilliant DIY by Prudent Baby with step-by-step instructions on how you can achieve the look at home too.


While totally different in design, this is the French Loire bed style I really like too, and it would give my guest room a completely different feel than if I went with the pallet bed.  What do you think?  Should I be budget-friendly and have a pallet bed for my guests, or should I splurge and pamper my visitors and the room with a French style bed?  Decisions, decisions!


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