5 Mid-Century Paint Ads for Huetastic Inspiration

Jul 25, 2012 by

Now that we are a bit more settled in Los Angeles, we are contemplating painting some of the rooms in our home.  Despite all of the vintage furniture pieces I have liberally painted, I have very little experience painting actual walls.  Where’s a gal with a vintage soul to start?  Vintage paint colours, but of course!  Vintage inspired paint hues are enjoying a tremendous revival, but what better way to find inspiration than the original ads and paint swatches?

I love the cheerful hues in this 1956 Benjamin Moore paint ad (found via vintageadbrowser.com), although I am positively sure it would be impossible for me to look as graceful as the lady on the left painting the chair.  Or maybe if I buy myself some Benjamin Moore paint, I could look so ladylike!  The subliminal advertising is working on me…

How fabulous (slight pun intended) is this house and advertisement from the 1950s?  I would have never independently picked yellow trim and red roof, but it is the perfectly daring combination for a mid-century modern home.

Speaking of wall colors, here is an advertisement where the toilet seat complements the bathroom wallpaper.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  Joking aside, the combinations are quite sweet and cheerful.

If you are planning or have recently painted your home, please let me know what colors you picked.  I’d love to hear and see photos too!

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  1. yes, the garage doors are fantastic! whenever i go darker than one shade from white i’m unhappy and painting is a lot of work once you consider moving all the furniture, etc. the most recent color i chose was bella pink by behr. very pale and can look white, pink, beige, or peach depending on the light. happy painting & weekend!

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