Vintage Dressing Tables Inspiration from the Silver Screen Era

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As a small child, I always loved watching my glamorous, high-society grandmother getting ready for the day at her well-stocked dressing table.  She would pick out the perfect red for her lips, delicately dust her face with a pink pouf, and choose the perfect sparklers from her mind-boggling jewelry collection.  While not used often today, dressing tables are feminine, chic, and most importantly of all, far more comfortable and flattering than our bathroom countertop!  If you are looking for a way to tame your makeup collection in your powder room, consider adding a dressing table as part of your collection of fashionable and luxury bedroom furniture.  If you’re still not convinced, be inspired by these silver screen dames who look simply marvelous getting primped at their dressing tables.

Yes, this is Betty and Marilyn both at a dressing table together.  The trio looks so gorgeous!

I’m in love with the French Provencal lines of Carole Lombard’s dressing table.   Even if you have no where to go, at least where you get all dressed up is fabulous!

Sweet Audrey Hepburn’s dressing table is organized, simple, and shows how little makeup this true beauty really needed.

Barbara Stanwyck’s dressing table has just the right touch of functionality and Hawaiiana.

Today, we have YouTube and our favorite fashion and beauty bloggers for makeup advice.  However, decades ago, there was only beauty school, taught by men, but of course!  Nonetheless, I love the curvy lines of these dressing tables that are petite, perfectly charming, and lovely inspiration to help you  find a modern dressing table.


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  1. That was a bygone era that sadly will never return. That said I have a huge dressing table similar to those shown in the pics and still use it to get ready.

  2. I think you have an amazing blog. :) thanks a lot for the share..

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