6 DIYable Reclaimed Wood Headboards

Jun 25, 2011 by

What better way to bring warmth and history to your bedroom than with a reclaimed DIY wood headboard? Whether you use pallets (be sure to first read my post on potential toxicities in pallets, though!), ancient redwood, or the discarded wood siding of your neighbor’s farmhouse, the result of using salvaged wood is always original. Just add a regular mattress or an Ergoflex memory foam mattress, and you’ll be ready for sweet dreams!

A Formal Feeling Comes saw her neighbor discarding their wood siding and thought it would be the perfect material to create a unique headboard – and she was right!   While the original one she created was rectangular, she jigsawed her way into stylish lines and a special headboard for her mattress.

From old fence boards comes a gorgeous, character filled headboard by House Tweaking.  This is certainly the ultimate love bed!

Playing with the size of this headboard creates a dramatic piece made of salvaged wood, by laure at home.  I really like how the headboard frames the mattress generously.

This DIY pallet headboard from Stylizmo has garnered quite a bit of blogging attention, and certainly for good reason.  I love the muted colors and how easy of a DIY this is.  It leaves you with lots of extra money to splurge on a good mattress!


Yes, this is like inviting an entire tree to live in your bedroom, but why not?  As a DIY, this project would be quite a stretch, but I know my modern husband would love this creating by Hudson Furniture to be our bedroom set.

From ancient redwood trees comes this awe-inspiring headboard by Urban Hardwoods that showcases the true, raw beauty of nature.  I’ve seen a few of these headboards here on Maui and love how every nook and cranny of Mother Nature is left intact.  I’ve actually seen pieces of wood like this at a ReStore for $50 – $100…no kidding!  Just mount the headboard, and you’ve got a jaw dropping DIY headboard.

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