7 Outside the Bedframe Bunk Bed Ideas

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Since adding the title “mommy” to my many hats, I’ve been much more attuned to children’s rooms and decor.  A classic piece of furniture for a child’s room is, of course, bunk beds!   However, there are many more options beyond the rectangles we remember sleeping in from summer camp or our freshman year in the dorms.  Here are seven unique bunk bed ideas that will have you thinking outside the bed frame.



I love the sophisticated feeling of this room and its built-in bunk beds and desks, as seen via Houzz.   It almost feels like a gentleman’s den was repurposed into a room for two boys!


Who knew bunkbeds could be so sophisticated?  The moldings, thoughtful staircase, and muted colors make this built-in bunkbed wall tres chic.  (I lost the photo source on this one…if you know who the designer is, please let me know so I can add the credit!).


Part of the wood bunk beds collection at BunkBeds.net is the Argington Uffizi Bunk Bed, which would fit well in a mid-century modern home.



The right piece can be the bunk bed that launched a thousand (make believe) ships!  I like how this pirate-inspired bunk bed has antique aged brass portholes, but still fits in well with a room’s decor without being too themed.  This is also from the collection of wooden bunk beds at BunkBeds.net.

I also love the outside-the-frame thinking of this unique bunk bed from Mimondo.

This vintage 1975 bunkbed by Luigi Colani is simply ingenious.  The desk feels intimate yet productive, while the chalkboard hides the closet – perfect for small spaces.


And just to put a smile on your face, here’s another repurposed luggage cat bed from the Etsy shop lovenotsalgicwhimsy, but this time in a bunkbed fashion, complete with baseballs for feet.  Who says our felines can’t enjoy bunkbed fun too?


When you no longer need bunk beds, what can you do with such a large piece of furniture?  Repurpose them into sofas or daybeds, but of course!  Designer Deborah Parks took bunkbeds and repurposed them into sofas for her sleeping porch, as seen in the 2010 Decorators’ Showhouse.

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  1. they are so much fun, love the second group and the one for the cats!

  2. These are great. Love the cat bunkbeds!

  3. Hi Grace. What a treat! I still love bunkbeds. When I was in middle school, my dad built a captain’s bed high into the wall in my bedroom, for me. Hard to top the kitty beds, tho. Love!

    Also loving the new site design! Had been reading through RSS, and when I finally clicked over it was – WOW! hope you’re well and life is good,
    A the P

  4. Here is the link to where I found the quad bunkbeds http://www.traditionalhome.com/design_decorating/howwelive/young-at-heart_ss10.html

    We are in the process of making our own built in bunkbeds. What a fun post.

  5. Betty

    the (2nd)white four bed combo is outstanding. Much more thought should be put into the efficiency of designing beds against/into the wall to leave work and play areas available in the middle. The Dutch did it first. These are gorgeous.

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