4 Iconic Vintage Chairs Interpreted into Beds

Mar 31, 2011 by

Great furniture design transcends not only time, but its original form.  Let me illustrate with four examples of iconic chair and sofa designs – and how they beautifully translate into beds!   From chesterfields to Eames, it is clear that these antique and vintage designs live happily both in living rooms and bedrooms.

While Pltrona Frau’s white chesterfield sofa is a recent design, the chesterfield itself is as iconic as an antique sofa gets!  Of course, the chesterfield is beautifully interpreted as a bed, which is the Kensington from the collection of faux leather beds by Our World of Interiors.   Remember, not any button-tufted headboard will do, as the gently wrapped lines of the chesterfield are just as important.

The chesterfield button style combines with the classic wingback chair to create a piece that stands the test of time — and different rooms.  This wingback chesterfield chair from Sevens becomes a lovely headboard for a bed, which is the Sandringham, again from the collection of leather beds from Our World of Interiors.  This type of darker leather chesterfield inspired bed is great for a gentleman’s room or even a modern couple’s bedroom.

The Eames Lounger is one of the most iconic and coveted mid-century modern pieces.  If you want your pup to have as exquisite MCM taste as you do, then the Vurv Ellipse dog bed fits the bill!  This is the perfect canine sleeping interpretation of the Eames Lounger.  Wouldn’t it look lovely at the foot of your bed in your mid-century modern inspired bedroom?

Modernica’s Case Study Alpine Bed takes the beautiful, iconic lines of the Eames bentwood chair and turns it into a work of art for your bedroom.  I appreciate how the design thoughtfully translates the feet and curves, but I do think the headboard could have paid a bit more homage to Eames.  Nonetheless, it is a lovely bedroom interpretation of the Eames bentwood chair.

I’d love to hear about any chair-to-bed transformations you’ve seen – or would like to see!

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  1. Hey I just love those classic furniture they really look fabulous.

  2. lovely post…loved the LCW interpretation of the bed..awesome!

  3. Beautiful headboards. It completely transforms the look of the room.

  4. I love the almost utilitarian looks of the alpine bed

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