From the Farm to Your Home: Repurposed Farm Machinery Furniture

Feb 10, 2011 by

Farm machinery may not come to mind when you first think about home furnishings, but repurposed farm machinery makes the most interesting pieces of furniture!

Kate and Ben Gatski took their appreciation for pieces of vintage farm equipment to a whole new level of upcyclying and repurposing. Their vision and “green philosophy” has compelled them to take parts from old 1970’s tractors and create beautiful tables, from the superior steel that was used to manufacture large tractors back in the 20th Century.  The above “straw walker side table” is a lovely example of seeing the potential in the most unsuspecting of places!

In this barn beam console table, a certain ruggedness and yet a timeless and balanced lightness come together fabulously.  This console table would be at home in any décor. The wooden beam used in this latest creation comes from an old barn that Ben’s brother-in-law tore down recently.

Imagine a single tea light holder or grouping of these beautiful and sculptural candle holders, and the lovely, whimsical flickering light they will create in your cozy eclectic or industrial style home.

Here is a charming Hay Baler Needle Side Table. You could put just about anything from candles, a clock, picture frames, or a tablescape with either pottery, or perhaps a piece of sculpture on this one-of-a-kind beautiful and functioning table.

Ben and Kate live in rural Pennsylvania. Having grown up on farms, both of these craftsmen have a passion for the origins of scraps which they repurpose. These handmade treasures are the embodiment of their love for “the people, soil and culture” of farm life.

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