Turning Vintage Industrial Salvage into Repurposed Furniture

Feb 6, 2011 by

Repurposing vintage furniture in order to go “green” has been, until recently, something that was done by artists, environmentalists and DIYers who are advocates for using sustainable materials and recyclables to reduce waste and preserve pieces from our history and culture for future use.

Now, furniture designers who want to create one-of-a-kind pieces are embracing the Repurposing Movement too. Keith Merry, furniture designer and owner of Garden Park Antiques in Nashville, is a master at his craft.

This beautiful coffee table is made from a 19th Century Pulley Wheel, which was part of a mechanism that brought power to an piece of industrial machinery. Keith had the vision, added vintage “feet” and repurposed glass for a table top — and look at the magnificent result!

Look what can be done with a vintage wooden Pattern Mold from a Foundry! Now its an exquisite mirror, which will reflect light and beautiful images in someone’s wonderful space for an infinite number of years to come

Keith took vintage film reel canisters and creatively repurposed them into chic industrial stools (with the help of your friendly local welder).  If only I had not sold my collection of antique Hollywood film reels before I moved to Hawaii, I would have such great seating in my home now!

The pallet trend is here to stay (but be sure to read my post about testing for toxic pallets before you bring one into your home!), but Keith takes it to a new level by repurposing vintage pallets into storied coffee tables that have a great patina and sense of time.

Keith found this 1920’s old growth pine industrial assembly table from a factory and knew it still had generations of use to offer. Adding the glass top upcycles the piece to fit in any decor, from a loft to your farmhouse kitchen – and even to your den office space or man-cave!

As we embrace this new decade, Keith feels that more and more furniture designers will be adding repurposed pieces that they re-design or upcycle for modern purposes, but with a unique gift included. The gift is that each repurposed creation offers its owner the opportunity to own a piece of history.

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