New York City Trash Repurposed into Industrial Chicness

Feb 6, 2011 by

Carlo Sampietro is an environmentally concerned artisan who repurposes what he literally finds in the street into industrial chic furniture.  A plastic traffic barrel, for instance, becomes a Cloche Chair (with a light-up base) when Carlo Sampietro reinvents “thrown away stuff” from New York City Streets and conjures up his “street is in the house” line of furniture and accessories.  He also incorporates old Police barriers, mailboxes, and even used newspaper and magazine holders into vintage chic tables, aquariums, and even dishwashers!

A 1960s taxi cab topper is ingeniously repurposed into mood lighting.

Who would have known that an emergency barrier can be repurposed into the most stylish workhorse table?

Here’s another great take on the emergency barrier repurposed table idea, and I’m loving the patriotic feel.  What a way to spark dinner conversation!

Yes, that is indeed a dishwasher upcycled from an old magazine rack!

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  4. Yes, that is indeed a dishwasher upcycled from an old magazine rack!

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