Library Card Catalogs for Sale: Nostalgic Beauties in Tennessee

Jan 10, 2011 by

UPDATE:  As of January 19th, the last card catalog has been sold!

UPDATE:  As of January 11th, one of the beauties have found a home, and at this time, only one of these library card catalogs for sale is available.

Lovers of library card catalogs in Tennesee and nearby states are in for a treat!  Two 30-drawer, double-tiered library card catalogs are for sale in Chattanooga, Tennessee!  Better yet, Melinda, the current owner, is thoughtfully willing to drive up to a 50-mile radius to meet the lucky future owners of these card catalogs for sale.

These are dark wood card catalogs from an old library, and according to Melinda, “they are in excellent condition, although a few rods are missing out of one and there may be a few scuffs on them.”

I personally love the double-tiers, which allow you to create an eye-catching display and a fantastic organizational piece with convenient shelves that slide out.  Or you could even separate the two pieces to create even more nooks of library card catalog goodness in your home!

She is selling each card catalog for $400, and she is open to taking PayPal, although it is a local pick-up / meet-up purchase only.  Interested card catalog enthusiasts can contact Melinda to snag one of these beauties at SOLD!

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  1. I love that you’re posting these. I live in New Orleans, and am crossing my fingers for the day they’ll be something within a 3 hour drive for me to snag!

  2. Thank you for posting these! My husband and I live in Tennessee…and we bought one :)

  3. Grace

    Congratulations Holly! I hope you enjoy the sage library card catalog for years to come in your home!

    Katrina — I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a card catalog in New Orleans for you!

  4. Julia

    I just stumbled on this site looking for a card catalog for my house. They are beautiful. Would you please keep an eye out for any in Dallas? I’m in love.

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  9. It seems I got here too late.. beautiful pieces, thanks for sharing.

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  11. Great,very good article, thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Monica

    I live in Austin, TX and work for Austin Public Library – thanks for the card catalogue hunting!

  13. That is an awfully astounding column you’ve posted.Thanks a lot for that a fantastically amazing post!

  14. you look great today.

  15. sue

    Would love to find a card catalog in the northeast area!!!! Have wanted one for a very long time.

  16. Mish

    Hi. these are soo awesome. I have been looking for one for years now for my rubber stamp collection. They are so hard to find. The ones on ebay are over priced and usually are locl pick up only. IF you find a smaller one in Ohio or Michigan or PA, PLEASE let me know. I am willing to drive up to 6 hours for one. Many thanks. Blessings!

  17. nicole

    I have been looking for a year now in VA Beach. This is the perfect piece for a bookworm like me.

  18. Jessica

    Want want want a card catalog! In the charlotte NC area!!!

  19. I just stumbled on this site looking for a card catalog for my house. They are beautiful. Would you please keep an eye out for any in Dallas? I’m in love.

  20. lisa

    anybody know where i can get one of these in the new orleans area??

  21. Darlene Berry

    Any left? LOVE the color and the size is PERFECT!

  22. Jennifer

    Hi! I live in Dallas, and am looking for a library card catalog – preferably hardwood with its original finish – either within a 2-5 hour driving distance or available to ship.

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