Endless Summer via Repurposed Surfboards

Aug 2, 2010 by

Aloha friends!  We’ve made the puddle jump and are so happy to be living back in Hawaii, where you can spot ingeniously repurposed surfboard fences simply driving through the North Shore.   We are feverishly house hunting and cannot wait to get settled, especially for little Jet’s sake, and I hopefully will have photos of our new home to share soon.  In the interim, shall we be inspired by vintage surfboards repurposed into furniture?  They are quite epic.

A vintage surfboard is transformed into a relaxed, conversational coffee table, as seen in House Beautiful.

At Hotel California in Santa Monica, a surfboard is recycled into a warm headboard, as captured by charliebrewer.

Half an upcycled surfboard becomes a chic alternative to an Adirondack chair, as made by Karl’s Good Wood.

Stop by the River Inn at Big Sur, and you will be pleasantly surprised by a delicious menu displayed on a repurposed surfboard chalkboard, as captured by anytdiluvian. Brilliant!

Two chairs and a repurposed surfboard (although I actually don’t think that is a real surfboard, as it is far too flat) create a utility table, as seen in NY Times.  I actually think this one would be an excellent ironing board!

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  1. Haha a wonderful post! I love the idea of using a retired surf board in new ways! Good luck finding your home!

  2. jen

    glad you made it to Hawaii! {still, so jealous!}

    Good luck finding a house!

  3. cool blog I think the headboard surfboard design is the best but truely all great designs out of recycled boards

  4. dude, i’m totally stoked to see you back and with surfboards no less. fun stuff and love the chalkboard version. i don’t surf, but would absolutely love a board propped up in the corner of our apartment.

  5. the last photo is especially lovely . . . the aqua board is so happy!

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