Library Card Catalogs for Sale: Volume I

Jun 10, 2010 by

Update: As of August, all of the card catalogs listed have been sold, but don’t despair!  I will be publishing regular lists of card catalogs for sale throughout the country.  To stay updated, please feel free to sign up for Poetic Home’s RSS feed and leave a comment with your location so I can add it to the hunting list.  If you have a library card catalog for sale and would like to be featured, please email me for details.

Many of you asked, and now you shall receive — a regular compilation of library card catalogs for sale across the country!  Volume I of this series focuses on the West Coast, and I’ll make regular rounds traversing all the way across to the East Coast. If you would like for me to scout in a specific state near you, just leave a note in the comments, and I’d be happy to include it in my searches.

If you become the lucky owner of one of these, please do let me know, as I would LOVE to see photos of them in your homes!

In Arcata, California, this 72-drawer library card catalog cabinet on rollers is for sale for only $150!  Call Lee at (707) 407-7194 to snap up this amazing deal. (P.S.  Yes, you are welcome!)  SOLD

In Jackson, California at “Antiques Downstairs,” this vintage industrial metal library card cabinet is for sale for $150.  I’ve never seen a metal one before, and I love the combination of academic aura and industrial edge.  Call Laurie at (209) 418-8254SOLD

From the 1950s comes this card catalog with two filing cabinets no less, which was originally used in Chemawa Middle School in Riverside.  This is currently for sale in Redlands, California for $300.  SOLD

And for the greatest steal EVER, snap up this antique library card cabinet for only $40 in Fresno, California!  Call (559) 287-9648 and then give me a share of your first born child as a token of your appreciation :)  SOLD

In Tucson, Arizona, this three-section 56 drawer library card catalog is for sale for $550.  SOLD

This impressive, dramatically sized library card cabinet is for sale in Redmond, Bend, Oregon for $400.  SOLD

I hope you enjoyed Volume I of Poetic Home’s series of Library Card Catalogs for Sale!

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  1. Looking for a card catalog in southern california or surrounding area.

  2. Erica

    We are looking for one in the San Francisco Bay Area!

  3. DOttie

    Looking for a card catalog cabinet in Tampa Bay area.

  4. I’m in the market for a card catalog in North Texas.

  5. Donna

    This is great. Please look in PA. I live near NY/NJ too so those areas would be easy to drive to. Thanks.

  6. wendy

    Southern California (South OC) looking . . . THANK YOU!!

  7. Nancy lubman

    I would love to find a not so eensive card catalog in long island NY.

  8. natalie

    Anchorage alaska

  9. nedo

    I am in NY, and I am looking a big library card. Please keep me posted., thanks

  10. linda clark

    Please, i have been on the net for hours trying to find a cabinet. please let me know if one if for sale

  11. linda clark

    very interested in finding a card catelog please inform me if you have some.

  12. Donnadares

    I have been searching for a library catalog cabinet forever! I live in Virginia beach va if you can guide me towards one that would be great

  13. Karen K.

    Looking for a medium sized catalog/oak. I live in Long Beach, California. Thanks for whatever you can do for me :) Karen

  14. Harmony

    What a smart idea! I really want one of these beauties! Can you check the MN/WI/ND region? Thanks!

  15. Alyssa

    I’m looking for a dark wooden medium sized card catalog for my wedding. Please let me know if you find anything near Georgia (or even Washington state) or consider featuring these areas. Thanks!

  16. Susan

    Please keep an eye out for Georgia or just anything in the South East! I would snap one of these up in a heartbeat!

  17. I am looking for a card catalog and I live in Concord, NH. Willing to drive to NH, MA, ME, VT. Thanks so much!!!!!1

  18. leah

    Looking for one in the San Diego/ Southern Cali area. Thanks!

  19. Sarah

    I’m hunting for a card catalog in the upstate NY area, but I would be willing to head to PA in order to pick one up. Please let me know if you hear of one for sale near me.

  20. Kayna

    I fell in love with one on ebay, but the seller wont ship, I have a feeling this could be a common problem. I’m in NC, but could travel to any neighboring states for the right deal.

  21. Nichole

    Looking for one in west tennessee!

  22. Billie Jo

    Looking in or around Orlando

  23. kelly

    I’m looking for a card catalog too! I’m from MI but I’m willing to drive to OH, PA, IN, IL, WI, and Canada! Specifically i’d like it to be made out of wood, and be at least 5 boxes wide. Thanks!!

  24. Susan

    I am looking for a wood (large) free standing cataloging cabinet in UTAH.

  25. Regina

    Looking for one in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.

  26. Michele

    Looking for card catalogs in Ohio. Thank you.

  27. North Dakota, though I’d go to southern Canada and cities west of Minneapolis, MN for one!

  28. Kristin

    I am in NC, but am willing to travel around the East Coast and into the midwest for a card catalog. Thanks so much!

  29. Sarah

    i Live in Williamsburg Virginia and would like to buy a card catalog

  30. Darrell Claunch

    If this site is still active, I am looking for card catalogues in either Southern California (within 4 or so hours from LA) or central Missouri (near Springfield).

  31. Elizabeth

    Looking for a card catalog for sale in the southeast! Thanks!

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