Card Catalog Turned Cabinet of Curiosities

Apr 5, 2010 by

What do you get when you combine a group of artists, a library card catalog, and an exhibit at Burning Man?  A Curiosity Cabinet of the Collective Unconscious, of course!  About two dozen artists were each given a drawer to explore the collective unconscious, and the results are quite intriguing.  I would have loved to discover this creation at Burning Man, opening each creatively labeled drawer to discover the world inside.  I’ve picked two of my favorite drawers to share with you, but there are many more photos on the CCCU website.

Artist Treiops Treyfid aptly named his drawer “overwhelmed.”

The Zymoglyphic Museum curator created a “traveling crustacean mini-diorama.”

(P.S.  Thank you for your patience as Library Card Catalog Week turned into a two-week affair and now a month-long extravaganza.  I’ll be wrapping up the posts this week with a plethora of ideas for how you can repurpose library card catalogs, and I believe it will be worth the wait!)

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  1. Wow! This is so interesting! Haha love the mushrooms!


    thought of you when i saw the last pic in this series.. the typewriter heads!

  3. what a great project! I love the “overwhelmed” one!

  4. I absolutely love the mini diorama, and your blog. Glad to have stumbled here.

  5. I love collaborations like this. The end result is so stunning.

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