How a 1950s TV and a Typewriter Became a PC

Jan 21, 2010 by

What do you get when you combine one part 1950s TV with two parts of a vintage typewriter?  A fantastically retro Philco PC, but of course!

Designed by SchultzeWORKS, a design studio in Pasadena who has created electronics for the major names like Microsoft and LG, this Philco PC placed in the top three contestants for a challenge that called for a “radical reinvention of the personal computer.”  Isn’t it interesting that a “radical” reinvention would mean traveling back 50 and 100 years to be inspired by antique typewriters and vintage TVs?

The best part is that this design might actually become reality.  I will be the first in line to trade in my uninspiring keyboard and plastic framed monitors for this vintage-inspired technology!

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  1. Oh wow, that is fab!! I want one!

  2. I am in love! oooooooh.

  3. Annie Pazoo

    Oh, for THAT I would give up my Mac!

  4. ha! how cool is that!

  5. jen

    Very cool! You know, for a PC. :)

  6. it is fantastic! i hope the keys make the typewriter noise. hope you are well even though it seems to be raining cats & dogs in cali. enjoy your weekend!

  7. Dave Schultze

    Thanks for the comments. We also did a wicked cool video which you can check out at

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS. PhilcoPC designer.

  8. Utterly Fantastic!

    This screen is warm and friendly compared to modern screens which are colder and more distant…

    Thanks For Sharing This…


  9. I love this! I’ve wondered why computer design is so uninspired. The retro look would be right up my alley.


  10. that is so cool!

  11. sbfh

    If you have ever watched Warehouse 13 (on SyFy) there is a computer there with a similar keyboard. The Philco screen on this one is amazingly cool, especially since the original tv was only b/w.

    You have an awesome website.

  12. Very cool. The keyboard almost looks steampunk.

  13. Good work, keep us posting, you are good writer.

  14. lol.
    I find that kinda funny yet so fasinating!
    Its like living in the past & in the future at the same time!


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  19. sign me up on this stuff! great post, thanks for showing us.

  20. This is crazy good. Where can you get this kind of typewriter?

  21. Wow! Such a fantastic Product.

  22. where can i get this?

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