Artistic Living in Repurposed Freight Containers

Jan 7, 2010 by

It looks like the repurposed shipping containers I featured previously have some new real estate competition! Cove Park, a Scottish creative enclave that supports an amazing variety of artistic residencies, repurposed freight containers to become residential and studio units for its artists.

Each of the residential “cubes” have their own dining space, kitchen, and bathroom, along with balconies with gorgeous views of Loch Long.  I love the spacious, airy nautical feel that must be a fitting breath of creative air for its artists.

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  1. I have been interested in the possibilities for containers since seeing a huge neglected stack of them sitting in an industrial area in Chicago and thinking to myself… couldn’t they be housing instead of covered with gang symbols!

    These are wonderful!

  2. my neighbor wants to build a dwelling/studio space here in huntsville, texas. sign me up on this stuff! great post, thanks for showing us.

  3. so awesome.. i love the circle windows.

  4. Jen


    I wandered over from Lynne’s blog Tea for Joy.
    Your blog is beautiful and your photos are just dream inspiring! This post on repurposed containers is so much fun! What a neat way to reuse these old things. I see so many of them .I wonder how I could get my hands on a few?

    Nice to “meet” you,

  5. like the first pic.

  6. These are so cool! This is my old boss’ place in Texas. I so want to visit!

  7. i could happily live there! enjoy your weekend!

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