Pining for Vintage Feather Trees

Dec 15, 2009 by

As I grow more eco-conscious about our family’s holiday decisions, I find myself pining away for vintage feather trees, which are beautiful alternatives to either cut trees or today’s petro-artificial trees.   In the mid 19th century, the German forests were in danger, and cutting down the trees for Christmas became banned as reforestation efforts arose.  Subsequently, the feather – or goosefeather, rather – Christmas tree was invented!  Interestingly, although these trees look quite artificial to us at first glance, they were modeled after the living trees found in the German forests.


This charming vintage feather Christmas tree at Terrace Hill, the Governor’s Mansion, shows the beauty in simplicity.

DIY Vintage Feather Tree
Simple yet charming is certainly a common theme for feather trees (via Country Living).

White Feather Christmas Tree

Of course, vintage feather Christmas trees love to be dolled up with baubles (also via Country Living)!

white feather tree

Simple, yet luxuriously sophisticated continues to be a prevalent feather tree theme (again via Country Living).

martha stewart feather tree

Even with a living Christmas tree in the house, a feather tree would make a dashing entryway presentation (via Martha Stewart).

scandinavian vintage christmas tree

While this is not a real feather three, the shape and simplicity of this living tree give it the same type of feel (via fjorn).

There are a variety of feather tree DIY kits and classes that I’m contemplating. Have you perchance enjoyed one of these?

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  1. so sweet. i love the little live one, too.

  2. love the martha tree :)

  3. the last one is my fav!

  4. wow these are beautiful!

  5. Love your blog! Love the fact that the decorations make the most part of these trees.

  6. What a great collection of trees. My favorite is the fancy white one w ith baubles just because it makes such a grand statement. But really, I like them all for their simple beauty. How cool to know the back history now.

  7. I love this little background on the history of the Christmas tree! Thanks! And these pictures are lovely as always!

  8. I love how airy these are. They seem to take up less physical space which is a good thing in our, generally, smaller homes.

    In fact I way prefer them, now that you have shown all these fabulous examples, to traditional trees which seem rather clunky in comparison!

  9. they really are beautiful. i love the white versions. so modern.

  10. So very beautiful, I am a new fan of the feather tree….and would love to add one into my holiday decor. Your blog is gorgeous and I am so happy to have found it! :)

  11. Oh Poetic Home…. have I told you lately that I love you? Thanks for this sweet tree post. I love the paper doves on the Country Living tree. So simple and true and beautiful.

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  13. Nice website. Great post, looking forward to your feed updates…

  14. Those are made for adults so would be far too large for a child.

  15. I just found your blog, and I love the photos of the Christmas trees. They are beautiful. I love vintage and inspired trees. Thank you for sharing. Great blog!

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