If the Olivetti Valentine Typewriter was a Laptop

Dec 4, 2009 by

Have you ever wondered what an Olivetti Valentine would look like as a laptop?  From the University of Applied Arts – Vienna, Department of Industrial Design comes four ingenious students who have created a modern tribute to the revered Olivetti Valentine.  If you ever imagined how Ettore Sottsass would have designed a laptop, your dreams have been answered with a flexible screen that seamlessly melds into the Valentine typewriter shape that we all love.

For your historical reference, here is the original Olivetti Valentine typewriter:

Olivetti Valentine

olivetti valentine typewriter


And here is the Valentine reinterpreted in modern glory!  I love how even the case gets recognized in this design.

olivetti valentine notebook

olivetti valentine laptop
Don’t you think the modern design certainly does the Valentine justice?  If only all laptops could be this inspirational!

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  1. Mim

    Swoon! I want one for Christmas.

  2. Mim

    Swoon! I want one for Christmas.

    (my link above is wrong… sorry!)

  3. Annie Pazoo

    Love it, but I’ll still take the original. I used to torment myself with daily ebay searches for olivetti valentines. Finally became. too. much. Sigh, the lovely one in your shop is delightful, too.

  4. oh that is so creative! but..i bet it would be heavy to carry around.

  5. Wow! I love this idea – a lovely blend of vintage and modern.

  6. whenever I see an old typewriter at the thrifts’ I think of you. that red one is RAD!

  7. it’s fantastic and i love the red! enjoy your weekend!

  8. Oh my Gosh, can you imagine!! Fab!

  9. that is super awesome!! thanks for sharing :)

  10. Annie Pazoo

    Grace! What fun to see YOUR Olivetti Valentine in DesignSponge’s holiday wishlist! http://www.designspongeonline.com/2009/12/ds-2009-gift-guides-bloggers-wishlist.html

  11. Des

    Whoa, this is a really cool interpretation and conversion. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  12. m

    Beyond cool!

    m ^..^

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