Would You Like Some Coffee with Your Post?

Sep 11, 2009 by

It’s been nearly five months since I’ve enjoyed a steamy soy latte — and boy, will the baby need to give me plenty of coffee IOUs when he’s born!   In the meantime, will you visually join me for a virtual cup of coffee?

vintage cappuccino cup 2

Yes, my cravings for coffee are so powerful that I’ve been creating “steaming” cups of paper sprinkled with coffee grounds in vintage Italian cappuccino mugs.  The sad part is that I am only half kidding!

vintage coffee canister

The empty coffee canister seems so naked…but thankfully, he is accessorized with retro type!

vintage italian cappuccino maker

I promise I won’t even plug in my espresso maker! (Thank goodness for Italian stove-top ingenuity!)


Thankfully, I can still enjoy an occasional cup of green or white tea.  I’ve also grown partial to Roobios, as it is delicious and naturally caffeine-free.   (P.S. If you happen to spot the above mid-century modern tea set I prop sourced to Mad Men for the new season, please let me know!  I sadly don’t watch the show, as we don’t have a TV in our house.)

What is your favorite indulgence beverage? May you enjoy one or several this weekend!

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  1. sending you a great big virtual cup!

  2. Jackie

    My favorite is the cup of cappuccino. The paper steam actually looked real for just a second!

  3. i love teany iced tea from moby, but it’s not easy to find in stores – https://www.teany.com/

    i will look for your tea set, we watch mad men all of the time. it’s a beauty!

  4. jen

    Oh my gosh, Roobius is the best! And it is super for your immune system! I just found a chai roobius by Yogi Tea, and it is DELICIOUS!

  5. Oh he owes you big time!

  6. He …or she :-)

  7. Hey Grace,

    Very nice stove top Espresso maker. Very nice presentation? How are you doing?

  8. a mojito!!! does that count???

  9. RealSimple2000

    Nice site! I do enjoy my coffee. I’ve never seen one of those “Vintage Italian Stovetop Cappuccino Makers” can you tell me more about it? All the Best. -Wayne

  10. Dear Grace,

    I have not been a good friend…and owe you a big cup of joe. I have one of those Italian steamers, so come on over and I’ll steam you some warm milk and honey like I used to get at Cafe Roma in Berkeley. That was when I took a break from the caffeine rush.

    I also owe you a personal note…I’ve been neglectful and miss you! You will hear from me soon, my dear friend.

    Ciao bella,

  11. Christina

    I enjoyed an occasional coffee from starbucks or a pepsi at the movies while pregnant and all was well. Maybe you could get one with a half- caf shot?
    I love the wooden shelves behind that cool retro coffee canister.

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