Tick Tock – Meet Charming Vintage Clocks

Aug 21, 2009 by

In my treasuring hunting adventures, I’m always delighted to meet the acquaintance of vintage clocks.  I wind each clock and put it against my ear, hoping to hear that familiarly comforting tick and tock.  A surprising number of vintage wind-up clocks still work brilliantly today, which is a testament to their enduring quality and engineering.   Shall we take a peek at a few of the nostalgic time-keeping treasures that have come across my path?  I’d love to hear about the vintage clocks in your home too!

westlclox-travel clock

I took this photo to send a subliminal message to my husband: time to travel!

oldtimer small
Don’t you think this German “Oldtimer” was simply begging to be with an antique library card catalog?

vintage orange westclox baby ben

Even vintage Baby Ben clocks could not resist the grooviness of the 1970s!

westclox baby ben

Mid-century type found a happy companion in the face of a Baby Ben.

westclox baby ben and big ben

Can we say sibling rivalry?

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  1. i love theses! you’ve done such a lovely job. i definitely have to keep my eyes peeled for a vintage clock of my own!

  2. i just love the first one and the subliminal message. you have a wonderful collection. enjoy your weekend!

  3. I agree with Cindy- the first one is stellar! love them all- my husband has a thing for vintage clocks- most don’t work anymore. I should photograph them…

  4. These are all lovely! We went on a clock hunting expedition a couple weeks ago and came home with two great finds.

  5. love ’em, clocks are always classic

  6. shellbell

    I have these vintage clocks everywhere in my home…most of which DO NOT work…I cut electric cords off the back of ones that are electrified…I set the clocks to important times in my life…the time my kids were born…the time I got married…the time I was born…my husband…they get attention from everyone that enters!!

  7. Hey Miss Grace,

    So…where might you be travelling!? My “vintage” clock is actually my very first wrist watch, a “Cinderella” watch that I received when I was about six years old. ‘Must be a Timex body ‘cuz it keeps on ticking!

    Stunning photos, as usual.

    Ciao bella,

  8. i want a vintage clock now! even if it doesn’t work, i love the look…

  9. Oh, I love these photos. I just bought my first vintage clock at a thrift store the other day. It’s not nearly as beautiful as these, but I love it because it has a rotating dial with more than 50 cities around the world and the seconds hand has a little red plane on it. And since the worker didn’t know if it worked, I got it for a bargain, under $4!

  10. Ooh. I love these. I used to have a Big Ben when I was little. Loud!

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  17. I cut electric cords off the back of ones that are electrified…I set the clocks to important times in my life…the time my kids were born

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