It’s a Leaf, an Owl…No, It’s Superbutterfly!

Aug 14, 2009 by

I recently began to indulge my naturalist side and started collecting butterflies (only ones that are allowed to live out their full complete lifespans).  However, I quickly realize that there was much more to butterflies than a beautiful bright turquoise color or symmetrical patterns.  Instead, I began to see owls, foxes, snakes, hawks, spiders, and more on the wings of these beautiful insects!

vintage butterfly collection

My small collection of South American butterflies currently consists, from left to right, of an owl butterfly, a “hawk” butterfly, and a “leaf” butterfly (these are their scientific names, of course!).  If you look on the top left and right wings of the owl butterfly, you will see two snake heads, as well as a spider in the middle.  When I first saw the owl butterfly, I had to ask if it was real or painted, but this is indeed how they exist in nature!  The butterfly in the middle has a hawk face on its top two wings, while the leaf butterfly truly looks like two fallen leaves.

I’m slowly adding to my collection with butterflies my husband affectionately calls “transformers.”  Are you a butterfly collector?

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  1. I collect butterflies! I have for several years. I haven’t found a way to display them yet that makes me happy.

  2. that’s awesome you did a photo shoot with that candy bikini!! also, I have one butterfly that my friend gave me. I have a few containers with random dead bugs as well-i like in scorpion territory so those are part of the dead bugs. EEK

  3. your collection is lovely. i’m not a collector, but there’s always the first one. enjoy your weekend!

  4. I must say that the butterfly on the left looks to me like a big eyed scared bunny! 😉
    I think it is a wonderful collection…now I want one too!

  5. This actually gives me a great craft idea! What about finding actual photos of owls and leopard and exotic animals in magazines and cutting them into the shapes of butterflies? You won’t feel the guilt over butterfly lives and it could be a fun guessing games for hosue-warming parties.

  6. jen

    how fascinating!

    i don’t collect butterflies, but have a friend that does.

    I hope you’ll share more!

  7. My grandparent’s had a lovely collection when I was growing up. Love yours!

  8. I’m not a butterfly collector, but I really want that card catalog!

  9. Dean

    i found an incredible artist who makes these wonderful displays. He is also a biologist who studies ants of all things. check out his beetle displays which are way funny.

  10. hey!! who hAs the collection of butterflies?? can you put in on google?? i love seeing butterflies!!

  11. I was just chatting with my coworker about this last week at Outback steak house. Don’t know how in the world we got on the subject actually , they brought it up. I do recall having a amazing chicken salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

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