Repurposed from a Horse Carriage to my Entryway

Jun 17, 2009 by

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While I have not enjoyed the pleasure of actually riding in a horse-drawn carriage, I now know what it feels like to sit on a horse carriage bench! Earlier this week, I found a horse carriage seat hiding below dated fabric, and I saw its potential as a charming bench in my entry way.

antique carriage bench

After taking out the endless staples, tacks, foam, stuffing, and fabric pieces, a beautiful shape and wood patina were revealed. All it needed was a light sanding, a coat of wood stain and a bit of elbow grease from my husband.

Restained antique carriage seat

Although not a horse is in sight, a carriage seat has been happily repurposed into a charming entryway bench in our new home.

repurposed furniture - repurposed carriage seat

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  1. Zoe

    What a fabulous find! How wonderful that all that beautiful patina hadn’t been ruined by all that ugly upholstery, and was hiding under there just waiting for the right person to come along and reveal it. Stunning.

  2. Awesome idea, I love it and can think of a few homes that would need one :)

  3. the lines are so graceful… simply beautiful.
    (thanks so much for your email & blog comment)!

  4. Grace: You did it again, you found a priceless piece of the past and gave it new life and purpose. I’ve been searching for a “buggy seat” for a very long time, and only seen metal legs or a very low wooden foundation. It is an incredible find!!! What a focal point for your new home. Thank you too, for sharing these images and your incredible ideas with us. As Emerson said, “insist on yourself, never imitate”!!


  5. oh man i want one! you guys did a great job. so cool

  6. O wow. So geogeous! What a great find and what a great job refinishing it. It also looks great where you have it! Wonderful! And thanks for the sweet email!

  7. Oh wow. Truly beautiful work.

  8. Amy

    That looks awesome!

  9. Hi! Im here via design sponge…. and so glad I came to visit! I LOVE your card catalog dIY! love your site =)

  10. Hi! I’m also here via design sponge (from a link my friend sent me about your anniversary gift for your husband). This is such an amazing site, and I’ve only begun to explore it. I love, love, love this horse carriage seat! (I’m a long time horse owner and love things like this.) Thanks so much for all the inspiration and eye candy!

  11. Nice job – it looks so beautiful in its new space!

  12. wow grace this turned out amazing! So envious!

  13. Gorgeous! I’ll have my Dad on the lookout fo one for me now! he got me a great deacon’s bench years back–this would be PERFECT!

  14. Beautiful! I AM here from Design Sponge… and I already love it!

  15. Inspired! How refreshing to see a truly unique piece reinvented! I especially like the juxtaposition of the light room with the richer colours of the buggy.

  16. That is insane! It looks fabulous!!

  17. Bravo, this is lovely!

  18. That’s beautiful :)

  19. I think that is an interesting point, it made me think a bit. Thanks for sparking my thinking cap. Sometimes I get so much in a rut that I just feel like a record.

  20. ROFL, that thing is so funny. I am going to share that.

  21. It is an incredible find!!! What a focal point for your new home. Thank you too,

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  23. It is an incredible find!!! What a focal point for your new home. Thank you too,

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