From a Shoe to a Penholder, Candlestick, and Lamp!

May 28, 2009 by

I’ve always loved the allure of antique wooden shoe forms…but when it comes to my decor philosophy at home, I like to choose treasures that hold both form and function.   Yet the patina of old shoe forms is difficult to resist.  With that said, I wanted to share a few ways one can repurpose antique shoe forms to be both fun and functional.

shoe form repurposed as pen holder

On a desk, a repurposed shoe form penholder holds a treasured writing utensil – ready to create when inspiration strikes.  I find that I enjoy this special pen, which was a birthday gift from the hubby, much more displayed on top of my desk than tucked away in a drawer.


Shoe forms lend themselves quite well to becoming repurposed lamp bases, whether or not you have a shoe fetish.  Talk about a conversation piece!


While you would certainly need to ensure this shoe form is not left unattended, using them as repurposed candleholders is both quaint and a bit industrial.

How do you feel about antique shoe forms?  Are they finding a spot in your home?

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  1. interesting post… I often saw these for sale on vintage sites and never quite ‘got it’. I feel the same as you that I prefer my ‘objects’ to have a function.
    (certainly in my home with limited space)!

    this is great… it makes sense to me now and the ones you have are particularly charming in their form & patina as well.

    come to think of it, I’ve seen these used as business card holders, resting in that groove that shows in your last photo…

  2. i love the lamp! beautifully done.

  3. i never would have thought to use these as a decorating piece. Love the lamp idea!

  4. I love the look of old shoeforms, too.

    I saw a picture in a book (I think) where several shoe forms had been mounted in a row on a wall, with the toes facing upward, and they were used as hooks for hanging coats and bags and such. What a great idea, right?

    I’ll see if I can remember where I saw it…

  5. Ooh great ideas! I have one as well, Now I know what to do with it ;o)

  6. We used to have bags of these shoe forms from the shoe factory my father owned. Can you believe we used them for kindling? Now I have a few to remind me of my childhood, but I leave mine in their original form. The lamp idea is cute, though.

  7. classic and creative!! love them all! especially the lamp ones..
    i can imagine the stuffs being put on the corner of my living room.. awesome!

  8. The lamp is my fave!

  9. How cool! The pen holder is nice. I don’t think I would buy a shoe form, but that’s mostly because I don’t buy anything at the moment (a smaller apartment does that to you). But the idea is really neat!

  10. I have one and wasn’t sute what to do with it… thanks for the great ideas! :)

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