Mikasa Es Su Vasa – Repurposed Floral Vessels

May 11, 2009 by


How was your weekend?  I hope it was a lovely time and a happy Mother’s Day!

Creating repurposed floral vessels is one of my favorite hobbies (if it can count as one).  This set of vintage Mikasa Duplex by Ben Seibel was much too mod to be a simple serving set.  A few strands of bear grass and ranunculus later, vintage salt and pepper shakers and a creamer turned into a happy floral centerpiece on my dining table. I find that repurposed salt and pepper shakers make particularly useful Ikebana-style vessels, as they naturally have an inverted “kenzan” or flower frog.


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  1. so cheery and sweet. and beautifully photographed, too!

  2. What a creative post title! Your centerpiece is so simple yet evokes so much joy. Have you taken a class on Ikebana? I never did while in Japan, but now I regret it! Beautiful!

  3. Such a wonderful use for these little vessels! They look great.

  4. first of all, your photos look great! so vibrant and full of color. and, your arrangements are terrific, especially the salt & pepper shakers, very creative.

  5. wow. I’ve never seen or thought of that use for S & P shakers. How beautiful.

    I have been recently picking up lovely solo creamers at thrift stores to use for sweet little arrangements. I have them on hand when I want to bring flowers to someone and then they can keep the ‘vase’.

  6. Love the funny/smart name. I repurposing all over the place too.

  7. these look wonderful… I especially love the grass… thought they were whisks. So cool! I did an entire post on just vintage salt and paper shaker mini vases last summer!

  8. Anna R


  9. g.

    What a clever idea. Looks great, too!

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