A Study of Vintage Proportions

May 7, 2009 by

While I am gathering supplies for my next repurposing project and scoping out photo shoot locations (does anyone know of a retro coin-laundry place around Detroit?), I have a mini-photo series to share with you, not so aptly entitled “a study of vintage proportions.”



What a difference a bulb makes!

Now I only have to figure out how to electrify the enormous vintage lightbulb.

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  1. that is wild!

  2. oh my! if you can’t find a vintage laundry in detroit..you could always drop by wilmington! we have one that’s been turned into a music venue {the soap box}! good luck on your hunt!

  3. what a contrast! beautiful photography btw!

  4. Is that bulb for real? Wow!

  5. my thought exactly! (is that bulb for real)?

    as for those little task lights, I just love them. I became more aware of them about 6 months ago and now seek them out. they all have their own little personalities. much has to do with proportion; base height, shade shape, profile & color differences…

  6. Anna R

    Even though that is a huge lightbulb I was distracted by the wooden type case it is resting on.
    Love those.

  7. These images are awesome!

  8. oh wow…I love it!

  9. Quite funny, and so true. : )

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  11. That was intriguing . I love your style that you put into your post . Please do move forward with more similar to this.

  12. ROFL, that thing is so funny. I am going to share that.

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  14. because I still call it that, even though it’s now officially the “San Diego County Fair”. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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