Mid Century Modern Meets French Provencal

Apr 6, 2009 by

The best way to describe my home’s interior design style is vintage eclectic.  I love mid-century modern designs, but I also love the romantic lines of French antiques.  To be honest, the list of vintage and antique treasures I love could go on forever!  Here is a peek at my (mostly dismantled for the move) dining room, where I think mid-century modern chairs live happily with a French provencal table.

mid century modern chair

While the furniture lines are quite distinct, the clean lines of the MCM dining chairs are well offset by the curves of the French provencal table.

mid century modern dining set

Bon appetit, eclectic vintage style!

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  1. that’s exactly how i would describe my own style. very eclectic with vintage pieces here and there. a perfect mix indeed!

  2. Drooling! You can not tease me with this setup and not show more of your house. This is divine and I’m stealing your phrase and saying that’s probably my style too.

  3. Amy

    I agree with Jess! More pictures!

  4. they look very happy together, i especially love those blue chairs!

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  9. Such elegant and clean lines, even without accessories they really give the room atmosphere. Thanks for sharing.

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