Wabi Sabi Bathroom Inspiration

Apr 3, 2009 by

Wabi Sabi celebrates the “mellow beauty that time and care impart to materials,” as eloquently explained by Soetsu Yanagi. To me, this bathroom from Notebook Magazine is an idyllic example of Wabi Sabi, with its aged wooden floors and the prevalence of weathered natural elements.


The best part about Wabi Sabi is that it does not involve high-brow design that has four zeros attached to the price tag.  Instead, some of the items you already cherish in your home could be quantified as Wabi Sabi, as are natural materials that are available through the hand of Mother Nature.


Happy Friday friends!  I wish you all a wonderful upcoming weekend — perhaps filled with Wabi Sabi inspiration and finds!

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  1. the sink is wonderful! have a lovely weekend, grace!

  2. I love that sink area! It looks both meticulous and effortless and just plain beautiful.

  3. I wish I had heard of wabi-sabi while living in Japan…..

  4. Yes, I agree with the gals…that sink is marvelous! Such an original design.

  5. wow, found your blog today via monica&co, made my day!

  6. I love those slabs of rough hewn wood! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, Grace!

  7. Jen

    Love this bathroom!!

  8. That tub is beyond words. Love the two-tone.

  9. I was just talking with my friend about this today at dinner . Don’t know how we landed on the topic actually , they brought it up. I do recall having a wonderful steak salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

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  11. That school house IS fab, isn’t it! I’ll fight you for it Grace!

  12. Just bookmarked your site! I’ll be back to check out your future postings.

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