Repurposed Maps Make for Wanderlust Decor

Mar 31, 2009 by


As inspiration for today’s post, I wanted to share with you my upcoming plans for the rest of 2009.   Starting next week, the hubby and I will be taking a road trip across America and Canada, and when summer comes to an end, we shall be relocating to our new home.  Based upon the vintage postcard above, can you guess where it shall be?

Remember Janine from UPPERCASE’s favorite vintage map?  I think it resonated with all of us, and while I posted about vintage map decor ideas previously, it inspired me to delve once again into the wide world of maps — and the different ways we could repurpose them or hang them as vintage map decor.


Better Homes and Garden came up with a fantastic tutorial on how to turn a vintage map into chic Roman blinds.  Goodbye fabric, hello lovely maps!


Chez Larsson has a lovely tutorial on how to create your very own repurposed map lamp shade!


An Angel at My Table shared beautiful photo shoot pictures into her home. I actually adore the entire vintage industrial aura of this space.  Those lockers are fantastic, as are the light pendants that work as beautiful decor on the bookshelf.


Kelly McGuill interior designs hung a wonderful schoolhouse map above chairs that look perfect together in its tones.


Elle Decor showcased a fantastic room perfect for wanderlust travelers, filled with the peas-in-a-pod mixture of vintage map and globe decor.


Relish Small Pleasures featured a lovely house tour, whose individually framed map segments look charming and intellectual in any room.

I’d love to hear about your mapping ideas!

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  1. i am so thrilled for you … the trip and your new island sound very exciting.

  2. oh grace! i am a wanderlust just like you. my wish i to take a year off and travel the world. happy travels!

  3. oh so beautiful! we used to have a vintage map under glass inlaid into a coffee table… loving the first pic and the kelly mcguill set up.

    love your blog 😀


  4. I love these old maps. They really do make gorgeous decor. Have fun traveling! I’m jealous!

  5. The lockers and the vintage map together are perfection! I love the school room look.

  6. Wow that’s an amazing adventure with a wonderful destination. And I love all the map pictures.

  7. Great examples and I totally agree – I’m a huge map fan!

  8. Sounds like you’re going to have a grand time traveling across country! You’re coming home to the islands? Yayy! Oahu?

  9. I collect those maps that used to come in National Geographic magazines. When I moved into my first rental apartment, the kitchen cabinets were hideous so my roommate and I covered them with the maps. Easy, cheap, and it totally transformed the kitchen!

  10. I love your posts and ideas! So fresh and modern. I had some vintage New York City maps in my vintage store about a month ago. One was from 1932 and had some gorgeous illustrations and typography. Someone bought them to frame and hang in her dining room. Must have looked very stylish!

    So exciting about your travel plans… will you be able to blog? (I love your blog)!

  11. Grace

    Thank you so much for your kind and warm wishes! Indeed, I will be happily blogging (with the help of a few guest bloggers too!) during my adventures and hope that you all shall come along for the ride :)

  12. In my old tiny apartment with 10′ ceilings, I ‘wallpapered’ (with double stick tape and a few thumb tacks) the powder room with outdated nautical charts. On a smaller scale a clear light switch plate with a piece of map or chart in it looks very cool too. You can find those at hardware stores. I love your blog! Too bad I can’t sit here all day and check out all your posts. I’m off to the food bank, Happy April Food Day!

  13. I think I’m in love! Beautiful maps…beautiful site. So happy to have found you through Quaint Handmade.

  14. I LOVE maps, have them in various forms all over my home. This post made my day, truly!

  15. One of my favorite posts! I especially love that photo of Angel at my Table’s home! Wow!

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