The Homebound’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 18, 2009 by

Today I have the pleasure of sharing peeks into the home and vintage treasures of Jess, from The Homebound.  For inspiration on renovations, doses of clever humor, and fantastic chalkboard paint ideas, The Homebound is the place to be.  And any girl who includes a vintage shop in her wedding registry is a fantastic chica in my book!  Perhaps the best way to introduce Jess would be to share some of my favorite spaces in her lovely historic house.


Pairing a chalkboard panel with a clawfoot bathtub is so unconventional, yet so lovely together.  I can imagine beautiful love poems written on the chalkboard panel.


Jess’ ingenious ways with chalkboard paint is the perfect solution to a home office’s wall.  If I had this wall, framed to-do list and calendar, I know I would be exponentially more effective.


Jess’ most recent incarnation of her living room mixes and matches different genres and colorscapes very well.  The red chair pictured is one of Jess’ favorite vintage things — and for good reason!  In her own words, “This vintage red darling is the first piece of furniture that my husband and I purchased together. We were in a local second hand store and my husband saw this chair. Usually I don’t let him help in any decor purchases because I am a complete control freak when it comes to interior design. But, he pointed this baby out, I thought that I could make this piece work in my house and now it is one of my favorite pieces. Score one for the husband and now I have also reached my quota in allowing him to help. Two birds with one stone, people!


“This picture is a 3 for 1 treat! The two side lamps were wonderful wedding presents that I had registered for at a tiny vintage store in my husband’s hometown. I thought it would be a little different to register at someplace other than Target (though you better believe I went there too!) or Bed Bath and Beyond and the clock is something we inherited from my husband’s grandmother. I think it makes a rather nice vignette in our dining room.”

Thank you Jess for sharing your favorite vintage treasures — and for inspiring us all to take out our chalkboard paint!

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  1. An ad runs thru middle top of article

  2. so perfect! I love the bathroom…

  3. Thanks for the treat – I love all the wonderful chalboards!!!

  4. Becca

    The red chair is beautiful. I think it would look great against one of the chalkboard walls too!

  5. Those side lamps are adorable! The shape and color are both perfect.

  6. Thanks Grace and everyone for enjoying my little house tour!

  7. LOVE Jess at The Homebound and LOVE this little interview! Her living room is simply marvelous—the pops of red and that striped rug have me swooning! Thanks Grace and Jess for the great sneak peek!

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  11. That school house IS fab, isn’t it! I’ll fight you for it Grace!

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