On the Line with Repurposed Clothespins

Mar 17, 2009 by

Hello, humble clothespin.

You help my sheets and unmentionables enjoy kisses from the sun and wind.  You hold my chip bags closed, and when I’m grumpy at my husband, you are the perfect weapon.

However, my dear clothespin, I’m afraid have neglected you in all of your repurposed glory.  I haven’t repurposed clothespins into lamps, paint brushes, or even apparel.  While your siblings are frolicking as upcycled clothespins, you are relegated to my clothes.  May this collection of repurposing ideas allow you to forgive me and my boring unmentionables.


Repurposed clothespins showcase their silhouettes via ReadyMade’s clothespin lamp.


Foam brush manufacturers, may you quiver in fear in the shadow of this easy DIY clothespin brush repurposing project!


Even small kitchens without a windowsill can enjoy the beauty of this space-saving clothesin repurposing idea from DIY Ideas.


Big Martha repurposes clothespins and an embroidery hoop to create a holiday wreath.  This would make for an excellent alternative to a bulletin board or even photo collage.


Sandra Backlund shows us there is no limit to what fashion — and a slew of humble clothespins — can achieve.


Inspired from the effective design of the clothespin, Hommin creates a fantastic way to keep your trash stylish.

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  1. Sandra Backlund – WOW!

  2. Who ever thought clothes pins could be so cool. I love the little planters hanging.!

  3. These are great finds for such an ordinary object.

  4. Oooh. I like the lamp.

  5. wowzas! i love the dress! maybe i could wear it for the wedding! haha. great post!

  6. SusanO

    Ditto on the wowza! How do you come up with such great ideas? I would never have thought of scrounging the web for clothespin projects.

    You may not have realized, but the clothespin lamp is also upcycling another common object – it’s an upside-down tomato cage.

  7. ohhhh very YUCK

  8. Miniature furniture made with clothespin halves.

  9. That was a different thought track. I admire your style that you put into your writing . Please do move forward with more similar to this.

  10. Thanks for the post. Keep the great work.

  11. It’s quite a basic look at shabby chic interiors but still entertaining. Enjoy the link…

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