A Field Journal’s Favorite Vintage Things

Mar 3, 2009 by

I’m delighted to share with you the vintage treasures that Livy from A Field Journal enjoys in her home.   Her photos perhaps do not need any introduction, as her graceful aesthetic, artistic composition, and nostalgic ambiance are instantly recognizable by those of us who love her work and inspirational blog – which will charm you upon the very first visit.  (P.S. For further Field Journal inspiration, take a “peek” into her drawers from a fun previous pH feature.)

Old Spool: They’re the tiniest among my vintage treasures, but I love them just the same. Colorful, made of wood, and most of them quaintly labeled or stamped with things like “15 cents” and “American Thread Co.”. Last summer I became a pretty dedicated yard sale girl and I bought these one morning from a woman who asked if I sewed.. Well, to be honest I’m still working on that skill but maybe one day.

Like a Glove: My most recent (and favorite) vintage acquisition. I went antiquing over Christmas break with my roommate, and we hunted through booths and booths before I finally settled on these. The best parts: they’re pale pink, with delicate embroidery and tiny scalloped edges, plus they really do fit just perfectly.

Snapshots: I have such a habit of gravitating toward old paper things – letters, envelopes, photos, old packaging – I’ve been hooked since the first 1918 postcard I bought at an antique store in northern California five years ago. The photo above is one of a small collection that I picked out at the local flea market in West Hollywood. When and why did photos stop having pretty scalloped edges like that?

Lamp: I bought this at an estate sale last summer for only a dollar. It’s has a mid century shape but its soft off white color is so versatile. It’s the perfect bedside table lamp.

Thank you SO much Livy for sharing a few of your favorite vintage things! Stop by for tea tomorrow with the next series guest contributor — whose creative craft projects and delicious recipes may have already made their way into your home!

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  1. Jackie

    A great series. These pictures and her blog are beautiful. I have that same lamp!

  2. Lovely images and what a great series! The images really show the true essence of each item.

  3. I love all of these treasures! And they have a similar look to them. It’s amazing how much you can see of a person by looking at things they love.

  4. they are so lovely as is livy. i love the lamp.

  5. Beautiful photos. This is a really fun series – thank you for giving us a peek at such inspiring vintage things.

    There is something for you on my blog today…

  6. thanks for your comments on my blog, and your right that is my philosophy, didnt think anyone read my ramblings on the side bar!!so thanks;)

  7. Grace

    Isn’t Livy’s aesthetic so beautiful and unique? I’m so happy she shared — and Rach, you are totally right about being able to know so much about a person by what they love.

  8. these images are lovely. what a wonderful idea. i might have to make a little list of my own favorite things!

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