Earnest Sewn and Earnestly Repurposed

Feb 24, 2009 by

If you needed another reason to love Earnest Sewn, beyond its flattering cuts and commitment to handmade denim, then consider its ambient flaghship store in New York’s meatpacking district — which is filled with repurposed treasures, industrial vintage decor, and a wabi sabi feel.

earnestsewn_repurposed shop

Jeans are tucked into antique library card catalogs, exposed brick adds a raw feel, and vintage industrial lighting shed the perfect ambient light across the repurposed retail displays.


Vintage signs add wit and irreverent humor to the displays, and bobbins of appropriately colored thread abound.


The versatile repurposed ladder serves as a stylish way to display their soft goods, while weathered wood adds a historic and raw touch to the entire store.


Who knew that an antique flour tin could be beautifully repurposed into a magnolia bloom vase?  With the metal accents and weathered wood, the vintage industrial feel is outstanding and is nicely complimented with a seagrass rug.


In the back of Earnest Sewn’s store, shoppers enjoy a changing mix of collections and art exhibits.  The Trovota Shop ingeniously repurposes antique chairs as creative displays of their clothing.


As part of the “New Hive” collaboration from last summer, organic matter, bees, and jars of honey create an interesting and mysterious ambiance.  Don’t the vintage glass honey jars look marvelous as a doorway?

There are so many elements of this repurposed retail shop I would love to incorporate into my home.  Look out Anthropologie — it looks like Earnest Sewn is giving you a run for your decor money!

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  1. i’ve never been to the store and must go. it looks as though it’s been locked away for years.

  2. what a place! thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Amazing store! And more card catalogs…oh, how I love them.

  4. wow. what a store. someone really knows what they are doing!

  5. I’ve been here – and it is a great store. Although I’m not sure what it really sells – I was too busy looking round at the decor!

  6. very , very cool.
    Love everything about this decor. Who cares what they sell :)

  7. I’m going there on my next visit down to the city! This is my favorite aesthetic… hands down! And that’s my flour tin… did a double take. Right now mine resides next to the wood stove holding our kindling. Got it around the corner at an old farmhouse/estate sale. You’ve got to come for a visit, Grace… you’d go wild at the antique shops and auctions up here!

  8. I think this space is fantastic and I love it… from the brick walls to the wood floors, the antique cabinetry, book shelves, chairs, flour tins… everything is wonderful!
    Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

  9. Love the look of this store. Thanks so much for sharing your finds with us! The vintage wood so dark and cozy and curious.

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