Don’t Call Them Bookends…Try Book Beginnings

Feb 19, 2009 by

We all know that we should not judge a book by its cover, but what about bookends?  Don’t judge a bookend by the fact that it is marketed as one.  Looking around your home will present you with a medley of creative options that allow you to create repurposed bookends.  Here are two upcycled bookend ideas from yours truly, followed by inspiration from contributing creatives.


Architectural salvage places are the perfect place to start hunting for unique bookends.  I found this pair of brass flourishes from an architectural salvage yard, and their weight and shape made for perfect repurposed bookends.

Repurposed Typewriters as Bookends

For a literal interpretation of bookends, why not use vintage typewriters?  From my collection of antique typewriters, I borrowed two black Royals to make repurposed bookends.  I think the end result is quite inspirational for a writer or literary enthusiast.


Outdated (yet adorable) vintage cameras enjoy a new spotlight as bookends.  1453designs repurposed vintage Kodak Bakelight cameras, along with mah jong tiles and dominos, to create chic and stylish camera bookends.


While LPs still have a place in my home, there are some genres of music that simply need to be repurposed.    While we have all seen vinyl record bowls and coasters, this DIY tutorial shows you how to repurposed LPs into bookends.  Now that’s music to my eyes!

What do you use as bookends in your home?  I would love to hear about them and see photos!

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  1. These are great ideas…very inspiring.

    I once used heavy vintage bottles filled with water but you can always use sand if the glass is thinner and you need more weight.

  2. Fabulous ideas!! I love typewriters, here is a great old vintage one with free shipping. It is currently on $5.

  3. Those are SO NEAT – they all say so much!

  4. Those camera-man bookends are making me laugh! They are too adorable.

  5. What fun ideas. I’ll follow a vintage typewriter anywhere….but those cameras are cute enough to eat. Thanks for sharing!

  6. My vote is for the camera men! I do love the typewriters, but those little men just make me smile.

  7. Grace

    I love the camera men too! I would totally entrust them with my favorite hardbacks.

    Alyssa — I really liked how you used those bottles as bookends!

  8. Grace! Your blog totally makes me want to buy more typewriters! We are moving to North Park soon and I would love it if I could incorporate typewriters into every nook and cranny of the unit! Great ideas once again.

  9. I’ve missed you and your wonderful posts! What a wonderful one to return to. Such fun ideas. I love them all, but the typewriters one me over instantly. Not very space efficient, though. I have too many books and don’t use bookends… that may be changing. I always try something new after I visit you!

  10. kareena

    Love this post. I just discovered the Junkcamp blog, there are also a lot of great ideas for bookends in the November posts

  11. Matt

    Absolutely love the LP bookend. Stunning!
    office interior design by IORgroup

  12. I love love love the camera bookends! I think my clients would get a kick out of seeing that upon arriving to my photo studio. :)

  13. My view is that if I need bookends, I haven’t bought enough books :-) My shelves are always full so I don’t need them.

    I do use cuddly toys to put in place of books that I’m reading. I think it looks cute to have a teddybear holding my books upright! Lucky for the teddy I tend to read voluminous books so he doesn’t get squeezed too much.

  14. The vinyl records are my favorite.

  15. I was just chatting with my friend about this last week at Outback steak house. Don’t remember how in the world we landed on the subject really, they brought it up. I do remember having a excellent fruit salad with cranberries on it. I digress…

  16. I really enjoyed this post!

  17. Thanks so much for directing your readers to my shop! I’m working on more. I’m a bit burlap obsessed. In the mean time,

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