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Feb 12, 2009 by

Oh the stories vintage pieces could tell!  Vintage treasures have tremendous appeal to me, as I always imagine the adventurous lives each one has enjoyed before arriving to me.  Some treasures are placed into the Poetic Home Etsy shop, where they journey forth to happy new homes.

It makes me incredibly happy to see how Poetic Home’s vintage treasures “live” in their lovely new homes, and how they are styled and incorporated into the decor.  Today, I would like to introduce you to two new homes!

This vintage deer couple made the long journey from California to Glasgow to happily reside in Kim’s home.  I think they look quite quite happy amongst her lovely vintage treasures and other deer friends, don’t you? poetic-home-vintage-kids-alphabet-blocks
These vintage wooden alphabet blocks did not travel far.  In fact, their new home was only 10 miles away from mine!  However, Grace Kim gave new life to these wooden blocks by stylishly incorporating them into her wedding “save the dates” invitations and adorable blog header.

Thank you Kim and Grace for sending me photos of these vintage treasures in your happy, beautiful homes!  And if there are any other readers who have brought home treasures from the Poetic Home Etsy shop, I would love to see photos of the pieces in your home!

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  1. oh Grace! Thank you for being such an inspiration for my vintage endeavors! I am so fortunate I found Poetic Home on etsy and the Poetic Home blog!

  2. I love this! Will you make it a series? It’s so fun to see how people incorporate objects into their lives.

  3. Very cool – that is so neat to see – yes make it a series!

  4. Checked out Kim’s blog…it’s always a thrill watching a bride plan for her wedding. And the other Kim’s photos—such cute photos of her darling cats and her craftiness. It was neat to see how they used the vintage goodies from your shop in their lives.

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